There is never a good time to worry about weight loss. Especially when you’re young. For college-age women, life can seem like a pressure cooker. You’re going through a time of transition and uncertainty, and you feel the stress to hurry up and ‘figure it out’. It’s no surprise that you might turn to food for comfort.  We get it. That’s why we developed our special program just for you.


Dieting trends. Endless images of ‘perfect’ bodies. Random factoids and numbers that are supposed to define what health means. Here is an actual, scientifically proven fact: Dieting makes you gain, not lose weight

It’s time to get real. Because in this chaotic, media-driven world full of ‘Weight Loss Tips for Women’, the best tip we know is that it’s really not about weight loss. It’s about living a supportive healthy lifestyle that will help you to find and sustain your natural, healthy weight.

Healthy Weight Loss for Young Women at Green Mountain

Welcome to the Judgment-Free Zone

In our safe, supportive environment, women of your age group discover how to:

Redefine healthy eating so that it’s something you want and can do. Eating well can be surprisingly delicious and satisfying.

Navigate life transitions without feeling overwhelmed, and without turning to food for comfort.

Use the practice of mindfulness to focus on being in the moment, and watch how it can profoundly transform how you eat, move, feel and live.

Develop a healthy relationship with your body – You’ll begin to feel confident and learn to like yourself better, which can help you achieve your healthy weight.

Live a life free of dieting, bingeing and emotional overeating.
Make fitness enjoyable, a part of your life that you may even describe as fun!

Manage stress in relationships so that your needs are met and you can support yourself with a new sense of independence.

Form supportive friendships with other young women who share your struggles. You’ll participate regularly in support groups for women with whom you can relate who face similar difficulties and pressures.

Our Young Women’s Program includes all the benefits of our weekly Healthy Living, Healthy Weight Program, which includes meals, lodging, fitness and educational workshops. It also features classes that help you move past the old way of thinking about weight loss tips for young women to end eating and weight struggles

“How I feel and act today still astonishes those around me who loved me through my hard times and see me succeeding now. I’m unsure how I would have or if I could have changed my life without Green Mountain… Now, I am a 23-year-old woman who has found the strength to love herself more than her bond with food.”

– Jacki Monaco, Los Angeles

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Specialized Weight Loss Track for Young Women at Green Mountain


Find a permanent solution to weight loss struggles and find your healthy weight. This time it can be different. This time it can work. Your whole life is ahead of you, and you deserve to live it in good health. We will help you establish a long-term healthy lifestyle to overcome weight struggles once and for all.

Ask us about our young women’s PathwayTM program for binge & emotional eating.

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