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A New Path for a New Generation: A Track for Women Ages 17-25

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“I’m so uncomfortable in my body… I spend a lot of my day obsessing about my weight and food.”

“Food is my go-to when I feel lonely, stressed, overwhelmed. It’s how I get through school – and life – right now.”

“I feel caught in a cycle of overeating and then hating myself. But it doesn’t stop me from going back to food again to cope.”

For college-aged women like yourself, life can seem like a pressure cooker. You’re going through a time of transition and uncertainty, and you feel the stress to hurry up and ‘figure it out’. Add in weight worries and it’s no wonder life may seem overwhelming…so much so that turning to food for comfort is totally understandable.

We get it. Many of our professional staff members have been through the same things you’ve experienced! That’s why we’ve created a unique program just for you.

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What You Get

In addition to our core – or Foundational – program, the Young Women’s track includes:

  • Weekly young women-only discussion groups led by professional staff (young women-specific topics – see below)
  • Weekly experiential outing exclusive to young women
  • Weekly young women-only program check-in (to help you make the most of the program)
  • (1) 15min check-in per week with parents and coach*

*Available by request.  Longer or more frequent sessions are available for an additional fee of $75 per 30 minutes.

Weekly discussion sessions include:

  • Discover strategies to balance college life with social life
  • How to navigate the stress of finals, work, finances, and eating
  • The effects of social media, comparison, and peer pressure
  • Mindfulness techniques to help you better manage the daily stresses of college and community living
  • Develop a plan to fit exercise into your busy, time-constrained schedules
  • Learning how to make yourself a priority

Even more ground is covered in our optional clinical group therapy where we tackle struggles with food, parents, relationships, body image and more. For those seeking to dig deeper, our optional Women’s Behavioral Center is also available.

Outside the “classroom” (so to speak), we’ll venture to quintessential Vermont State locations for hiking, kayaking, exploring and all that makes Vermont (especially in Summer) special.

 A Letter to Moms, Dads & Other Caregivers

Proven Health and Weight Management Solutions for Young Women

In our safe, supportive environment, women like you – same age group, similar struggles, and like-minded goals – discover how to:

  • Redefine healthy eating so that it’s something you want and can do. Explore what eating “well” actually means and how it can be surprisingly delicious and satisfying.
  • Manage and tolerate often overwhelming life transitions, and learn how to turn to other alternatives besides food for comfort.
  • Use the practice of mindfulness to focus on being in the moment, and watch how it can profoundly transform how you eat, move, feel and live.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with your body – You’ll begin to feel confident and learn to like yourself better, which can help you achieve your healthy weight.
  • Make exercise pleasurable, a part of your life that you may even describe as fun!
  • Manage stress in relationships so that your needs are met and you can support yourself with a new sense of independence.
  • Form supportive friendships with other young women who share your struggles. You’ll participate regularly in support groups for women with whom you can relate who face similar feelings, difficulties, and pressures.
  • Live a life free of dieting, bingeing and emotional overeating.

Our Young Women’s Track includes all the benefits of our weekly holistic health-focused retreat, which includes immersion in eating, fitness and self-care. Our classes will help you move past old way of thinking – with tools designed to support you on your journey to end eating and weight struggles.

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“How I feel and act today still astonishes those around me who loved me through my hard times and see me succeeding now. I’m unsure how I would have or if I could have changed my life without Green Mountain… Now, I am a 23-year-old woman who has found the strength to love herself more than her bond with food.”

– Jacki Monaco, Los Angeles

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Body Neutrality Is the New Body Positivity — Here's Why It Matters for Your Kid

Program and Clinical Director, Shiri Macri, worked with SheKnows on their recent story about body positivity.

There is a very big gap between both ends of the body image spectrum,” Rosenfeld says. “And if we are standing on the side of body hate and look at the other side of the spectrum, body love, we may be thinking: ‘There is no way I can get there!’ And this is where working towards body neutrality can be fundamental and healing work. Body neutrality is the bridging of the gap. We are working towards a middle place on the body image spectrum and moving into a mindset of honoring and respecting the body we have now.”

Change Your Life: Find a Permanent Solution to Weight Struggles at Weight Loss Camps for Young Adults

Our approach for college-aged women looks deeper…to what’s behind weight and eating struggles.

Young women have been led astray by dieting trends and endless images of ‘perfect’ bodies…random factoids and numbers that are supposed to define what health means. But here is an actual, scientifically proven fact: Dieting makes you gain, not lose weight.

It’s time to look beyond all this. Because in this chaotic, media-driven world full of ‘Weight Loss Tips for Women’, the best tip we know is that it’s more about health than weight.

It’s about living a healthful life that will help you to find and sustain your natural, healthy weight…not the weight dictated by outdated formulas.

And in so doing, that’s when we find true peace and freedom from the chaos. That’s when we can truly live and become that women we truly want to be.

Find a sustainable solution to weight and eating struggles and find true health, including healthy weight. This time it can be different. This time it can work. Your whole life is ahead of you, and you deserve to live it happily and in good health. We will help you establish a long-term healthy lifestyle to overcome weight and eating struggles once and for all.

Ask us about our young women’s PathwayTM program for binge & emotional eating.


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