24th Annual Healthy Weight Week 2017

Healthy Weight Week was created 24 years ago to help people understand that health really isn’t about a number – on the scale or otherwise – and to encourage people to stop dieting and pursue livable and sustainable healthy lifestyles through eating well, living actively and feeling good about themselves.

Changing the Conversation Around Health and Weight
Your healthy weight is your natural weight, which is largely determined by your genetics. If you come from a family of larger or smaller people, you are likely to be larger or smaller.

What is a Healthy Weight?
Achieving and maintaining your healthy weight is supported  by healthful, enjoyable living that includes mindful, pleasurable eating and physical activity, effective stress management, adequate sleep and more. It is not a weight that is achieved through restricting what you eat or excessively exercising in order to lose weight.

MONDAY, January 16: What Do We Mean by ‘Healthy Weight’?

Weight does not dictate health. How do we overcome both an entrenched societal mandate that we maintain a specific although largely unsustainable weight and our own individual biases related to our “ideal” weight and size? In the three years since Green Mountain at Fox Run became the official host of Healthy Weight Week, perhaps the most common question we’ve heard about the week is, “Just what is a healthy weight?”

TUESDAY, January 17: Mindful Eating & How It Supports Your Healthy Weight

Mindful eating is a matter of eating for well-being. And that means a balance between eating for pleasure and eating for health and sustenance. Learning how to eat in an entirely different way can help you change your whole experience with food and make you feel better about the choices you make.

WEDNESDAY, January 18: The Transformative Difference of Enjoyable Movement

Endurance, strength and flexibility have nothing to do with weight. In fact, the goal of healthy exercise should be to discover activities that you enjoy and make you feel well both during and afterward. Exercising until you feel pain or exhaustion can actually create barriers to reaching your health goals.

THURSDAY, January 19: The Power of Effective Stress Management for Emotional Eating

Stress and emotions have an enormous impact on your well-being, including stress from worrying about your weight. This stress often results in emotional eating, which in turn often results in weight gain, creating more stress. How can you let go of weight worries and also manage other stresses in a realistic way? Learn new strategies to cultivate sustainable health.

FRIDAY, January 20: Cultivating the Practice of True Self-Care

All of these ideas together (mindful eating, enjoyable exercise, effective stress management) combine to create a state of being based on self-care. We all need to truly care for ourselves in order to enjoy our lives. Discover some valuable tools for self-care and empowerment that can make a surprising difference in your daily lifestyle.

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