Am I Addicted to Food?

How to Overcome Food Addiction

Can you eat just one cookie?  Does the thought of ice cream start you craving it? Do you feel you just can’t stop when you start eating sweets or salty snacks?

Can you overcome addictive-type behaviors around food?

Many of us react to certain types of foods with addictive-type behaviors. So we try to completely eliminate these foods from our meals and snacks.  But then deprivation sets in, causing us to overeat them even more…and feel guilty and defeated in the process.

We Help You Examine How You Eat – Not Just What You Eat

  • Explore the reasons for addictive-type behaviors that are often labeled as food addictions
  • Learn the differences in brain reward circuitry that may trigger addictive patterns with food
  • Understand how to manage reactions to your personal eating behavior triggers
  • Practice, if you want, eating “scary” foods in controlled portions in our safe environment
  • Determine whether your reactions to the foods can potentially change
  • Learn to eat in a way that supports your healthy weight

Healthy Weight Foods | Am I Addicted to Food

Asking “Am I Addicted to Food?”

Over the 44 years we’ve been helping women with our non-diet healthy weight program, we’ve worked with many women who believe they are addicted to food.  We’ve helped them learn how to eat previously-feared foods, or how to live free of feelings of deprivation if they choose not to eat them.

“For the first time that I can remember, I am not obsessed with food and I feel good about my body and my being. It is a gift and a treasure that I appreciate every day.” 

– M.D., Wayland, MA

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Get the Help You Need

Join us at Green Mountain and our Women’s Center for Binge & Emotional Eating to learn how to manage food addiction behaviors. Find peace with eating in a way that makes you feel good, and supports your health and healthy weight.

How to Overcome Food Addiction