Extended Stay Program

Am I a Good Candidate for An Extended Visit?

  • Do you ever suspect you are addicted to certain foods?
  • Do you find it hard to eat healthy, even though you know it’s good for you?
  • Does the sight of certain foods start you craving them?
  • Does stress send you straight to the refrigerator?

A pattern of unhealthy eating is about brain pathways you’ve developed over time. Changing what we want to eat is a matter of changing how our brains respond to various triggers, whether it be the taste of sugar, a hard day at the office, or feeling “fat.”

How do we change our brains? Through practice.

  • When we practice eating healthfully, we begin to establish new neural pathways that drive us to continue eating healthfully.
  • The push-pull between what we “want” and what we “should” do disappears. We want to eat well. The same goes for physical activity.
  • We have to think differently about food, physical activity, and our bodies, too. Feelings of deprivation, restriction, or body hate just cement old pathways that keep us stuck.

Practice Thinking & Doing Things Differently at Green Mountain

We are the original non-diet healthy living retreat. For almost four decades, we’ve helped women repattern their brains and become mindful eaters. This intuitive approach to eating makes healthy living something that now comes naturally to them.

You can start the process, as many women have over the last almost 40 years, with a stay of one, two or three weeks. Many have stayed four weeks to take advantage of the immersion in our healthy living environment, to practice thinking and living differently for the time it takes to change a habit.

Our new Extended Stay Program offers even more of the discovery, practice, integration and take-home preparation under the caring guidance of our skilled professional staff, with an assigned professional staff member as your mentor.

12-Week Extended Stay Program Train Your Brain™

For Women who feel a longer immersion in our innovative and supportive healthy living environment is what they need to make the changes important to their health.

Double – $27,848

Private – $30,962

Rates include room, meals, workshops, all classes and taxes.

For every consecutive 4 week stay, receive $500 in Green Mountain Bucks. Green Mountain Bucks can be used toward personal coaching services only. Cannot be applied toward room, board, tuition or amenities. Cannot be used for WCBEE/Pathway program. Unused bucks have no cash value and cannot be carried over to subsequent stays.

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