Gut Health Wellness Week:
Nourishing Your Gut for Improved Health & Well-Being

Is your gut healthy? Did you know that the trillions of tiny organisms in your gut, collectively referred to as your microbiome, affect your metabolism, mood, food cravings, immune function, insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels, and so much more? 

Join us for a special week at Green Mountain at Fox Run where we’ll explore the ins and outs of this fascinating topic. Learn all about gut health and the microbiome and how you can heal, nourish, and support it for improved health and well-being.

What is Gut Health, Anyway?

This concept of “gut health” has become quite the buzz lately and for good reason. This often overlooked system in our body plays an integral role in so many areas of overall health and well-being.

So, what is gut health, anyway? Gut health considers the balance of microbes (bacteria, yeast, and others) that live in your large intestine (your microbiome), the health of the lining of your digestive tract, and the health of the nerves that communicate with your digestive system.

Throughout this week, we will explore these subjects in a series of special classes that will be offered in addition to our Core curriculum.

Gut Health Wellness Week

But, is this program right for me? The answer is YES – anyone with a gut can benefit from this program, i.e. everyone! However, we’re celebrating 45 years as the only non-diet retreat in the country exclusively for women, so this is for ladies only (sorry guys)! 

This isn’t just for women with irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive disorders, this program is designed to help all women achieve optimal gut health for whole health and well-being. And, contrary to media hype, you’ll learn that you don’t have to follow complicated elimination diets or restrictive cleanses, or spend hundreds on supplements every month, to improve the health of your digestive system.

Here at Green Mountain, we’ve combined emerging scientific research with our pioneering mindfulness-based program to create a groundbreaking gut health series designed to help women find out what works for them and integrate it into their daily lives at home.

Gut Health Theme Week

What to Expect at the Gut Health Wellness Week

When you attend our Gut Health week, you’ll get:

  • A week of special classes focusing on:
    • The gut microbiome — what it is and how it impacts weight, health, and more;
    • The gut-brain connection — how your mood affects your microbiome and vice versa;
    • Realistic and practical strategies to nourish and heal your gut — we’ll cover prebiotics, probiotics, and so much more!
  • A fun, interactive cooking demonstration where you’ll learn how to prepare tasty foods to help heal and nourish your gut;
  • A week of our science based non-diet programming including nutrition, behavior and fitness classes led by registered dietitians, master’s level psychologists, and certified fitness experts;
  • Daily fitness options for all fitness levels, including dance fusion, pilates, barre, multiple types of yoga, tabata, water aerobics, and more;
  • Balanced, chef-prepared meals; and
  • A women-only, safe environment that supports healing and personal development.

You will leave with a greater understanding of:

  • What the gut microbiome is, why it matters, and how to best nourish and support it;
  • How the health of your gut impacts multiple body systems;
  • The role of the microbiome in metabolic, immune, and mood function;
  • The gut-brain connection and how stress impacts gut health;
  • Strategies to manage symptoms, support your digestive system, and promote overall well-being in your daily life (Hint: it’s not just about the food);
  • Recipes and techniques to prepare foods that nourish and heal your gut; and
  • Joyful eating, moving and living from our rich core curriculum of lectures and experiential classes.

Check out our Gut Health Week Schedule* »

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Heal your gut &
start living again!  

Meet the Experts

Ruth GoldsteinRuth Goldstein, MS, RD is a nutrition expert focused on gut health and healing the body from the foundation up. She specializes in treating patients with digestive issues, food intolerances, and chronic illness, all of which require healing the gut to support the whole body. Ruth has been teaching her popular and information-packed gut health class “Heal Your Gut, Heal Yourself” throughout VT and NH since 2014. In 2015, she appeared live on NH Public Radio’s Exchange, discussing “The Emerging Science of Gut Health and Probiotics” with Harvard Professor Dr. Allan Walker.

Dana Notte

Dana Notte, MS, RD, CD is an expert in mindful eating and has spent several years helping women ditch dieting for good and find peace and freedom with food. Did you know that restricting food in the name of weight loss can actually be quite damaging to your gut? And, that dysregulation of the gut can impact mood, appetite, metabolism, and more? If you are looking for help re-regulating your system, Dana will work with you to create a personalized plan for getting your gut back on track.

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