The Anxiety Sisters Retreat

Join us this spring for our Anxiety Sisters Retreat. We’ve teamed up with Abbe Greenberg, MCIS, and Maggie Saracheck, MSW, of The Anxiety Sisters, for a special weekend retreat dedicated to helping women recognize and understand the connection between their anxiety and eating behaviors while providing them with a toolbox of techniques for managing both anxiety and emotional eating.

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There is incredible power and positive energy that results when women come together to share stories, laugh and cry with one another, and celebrate each other. Teaming up with The Anxiety Sisters was a natural fit for us with the shared belief that belonging to a non-judgmental, inclusive community is a key component of the healing process.

When: Thursday, April 5 – Sunday, April 8, 2018


What To Expect

The Anxiety Sisters Retreat will transform your wellness journey to help you start connecting your eating behaviors and emotions.

You’ll learn:

  • What the best eating, moving and living strategies are for those who struggle with anxiety
  • Why food becomes the go-to medicine for anxiety and how to change those old patterns
  • What the secret formula to lasting change involves, it’s simpler than you might think!
  • And more!

Special workshops include:

  • Connecting the Dots: How Eating & Anxiety Disorders are Similar
  • Riding the Wave: How to Sit with Uncomfortable Feelings
  • Anxiety Management Techniques
  • Breathing for Anxiety Relief – Nature as Healer
  • Yoga for Anxiety
  • Nature Walks in beautiful Vermont

Weekend Rates

Double Triple
$1,405 $1,209

Enroll Now

Looking to stay longer than just the weekend? Arrive on Sunday, April 1, and participate in an entire week of learning to create a happier, healthier life. Those interested should call. 

Event Plus Week-Long Stay Rates

Private Double
$3,723 $3,329


Abbe Greenberg

Abbe’s Personal Story

For many years, I was trapped in the cycle of anxiety-fueled eating and eating-fueled anxiety. I tried every diet and exercise regimen I could find. After each attempt, my anxiety and my disordered eating only seemed to worsen. I felt shame for what I perceived my overweight body revealed about me: that I was weak and lacked the willpower to change. Why couldn’t I manage my emotions and my food like a “normal” person?

The more I tried to address my emotional eating and anxiety issues separately, the more apparent it became that the two were inextricably intertwined. My “Aha” moment came when I realized that, in order to heal from each, I had to manage both.

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Anxiety Sisters Retreat

About The Anxiety Sisters

The Anxiety Sisters Logo

The Anxiety Sisters are Abbe Greenberg, MCIS and Maggie Sarachek, MSW—lifelong friends and anxiety sufferers who have made it their mission to create a safe, non-judgmental healing community in order to demystify and destigmatize the experience of anxiety and other brain illnesses. Toward that end, they have spent the last eight years conducting lengthy interviews with more than 300 women with anxiety and writing copiously about their findings. In addition to founding a community of almost thirty thousand members, the Anxiety Sisters have developed an interactive website, host a monthly podcast called “The Spin Cycle,” and have written two e-books.

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