VIP = Very Important People + Very Important Progress

November 2 – 5, 2017
Thursday Evening — Sunday Afternoon
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By now, we hope you know how important you are to us as an alumna or past participant of Green Mountain.

To support you in your ongoing efforts to be healthy and well, we’ve developed ‘new and improved’ classes and helpful activities that we know you’re going to love. We’re excited to showcase them in a special weekend designed just for you!

A New Look at Old Habits: Staying on the Path of Change

Let’s take time to recognize small successes and reframe the stressors that may be driving you back to habits that don’t take you where you want to go. You’ll have the mindfulness-based tools you need to continue on your journey to wellness.

  • What’s New: Finding Freedom from Your Inner Mean Girl; A Look at Night Eating

Connect With the Joy of Movement

For many of us, our first stay at Green Mountain was the first time we connected with exercise in a positive, joyful way. Let’s revisit that feeling so you can set yourself up for consistent, enjoyable movement at home.

  • What’s New: Drumming Fun; Nature’s Circuit; Curvy Yoga
  • Old Favorites: Sunrise Tai Chi; LynnAnn’s Morning Momentum

Dive Deeper Into the Practice of Mindful Eating

Advance your mindful eating practice to fully enjoy your meals and bring your body back to balance with true nourishment.

  • What’s New: Brain Science & Healthy Weight; Mingle, Eat & Stay Mindful: Managing the Challenges of Social Eating

Reboot Your Self-Care Routine

Leave this weekend with the inspiration, strategies, and renewed commitment to keep self-care top on your list at home, so you can create a lifestyle that supports your health and happiness.

  • What’s New: Cultivating a Connection Between Body & Mind; Guided Meditation: Leaving Your Baggage Behind
  • Old Favorites: Mindfulness Walk at Clarendon Gorge; Aquatics; Okemo: Journey to the Top

Come Celebrate with Us!

Join us for a Celebratory VIP Reception and Dinner with the Experts and give us, your Green Mountain staff, the opportunity to share new ideas in addition to expressing our gratitude to have you back ‘home’ again. Friday 5:30 PM.

Rates & Reservations

Private $1919 $1725
Double $1756 $1580
Triple $1511 $1360

Rates all-inclusive, including taxes.

For reservations, call 1-800-448-8106 and indicate that you’d like to join us for our Alumnae VIP Weekend Intensive. Or complete the form below and we will contact you.

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