More Than a Healthy Weight Loss Program for Women

If you’ve tried every diet, read all the books, attended weight loss camps and fat farms, lost and regained weight, only to end up afraid to hope for real solutions, consider the possibility of real, meaningful change at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

Green Mountain at Fox Run is the nation’s oldest retreat exclusively for women who struggle with weight. Our pioneering non-diet strategies help women end the yo-yo cycle of weight loss and regain by focusing on an integrated health approach that incorporates nutrition, fitness, and behavior/emotional health.

A Time-Tested Approach for Ending Eating & Weight Struggles and Improving Wellness

Women have come to Green Mountain for 45 years to lose weight through our unique non-diet approach. They’ve left with new attitudes and behaviors that focus on discovering the real reasons for eating and weight struggles and ways to end them. Unlike the typical approach you’ll find in a weight loss program for women, here you’ll focus on creating lasting change and a deep sense of well-being for body AND mind. Through powerful tools such as mindfulness techniques, stress reduction skills, and movement that is customized to your fitness level and body size, you’ll learn to practice self-care in your daily life for sustainable success in improving your health and well-being long after you leave our retreat.

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What We Are and What We're Not

Diet-Based Programs

Our Non-Diet Approach

Boot Camps Integrated Health Model
Fat Farms and Fat Camps Normal Eating Program
Weight Loss Spas Thinking and Behavior Modification
Adult Weight Loss Camps Sustainable Healthy Weight Strategies

End The Struggle with Weight

Feel free from the shoulds and shouldn’ts.

Free from untruths and fads.

Free to relish what you eat.

Your All-Inclusive Experience Here Will Include:

  • A personal wellness assessment
  • Workshops and educational groups facilitated by registered dietitians and master’s and doctoral level psychologists
  • Balanced, chef-prepared meals
  • Culinary demonstrations
  • Daily fitness options for all levels, including pilates, barre, multiple types of yoga, tabata, water aerobics, and more!
  • A women-only, safe environment that supports healing and personal development
  • “Vermonting” – explore some of the picturesque areas in our beautiful location
  • Comfortable accommodations in either private or shared rooms
  • A focus on
    • Redefining healthy eating
    • Learning how to eat and changing your relationship with food
    • Enjoyable exercise – find activities you love and can continue at home
    • Understanding the emotions that cause you to overeat
    • Effective meal planning for the woman who has “too much on her plate”
    • Addressing body image issues
    • Learning to appreciate your body
    • Setting practical goals for sustainable behavior change
    • Embracing self-care & compassion for healthy living
    • Finding balance in your life through mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Alumnae support for continued support from the Green Mountain community and team of experts
  • Results-proven strategies for lasting, sustainable change long after you leave Green Mountain

Personalize your stay with additional services, including:

  • Private Consultations: Meet with our specialists to get personalized plans tailored to your specific needs.
    • Nutrition Consulting – Create an individual plan that is actionable and realistic to help you jumpstart your journey.
    • Fitness Consulting – Based on your physical activity goal, you’ll discuss how to implement mindful movement into your daily life.
    • Life Coaching – Work one-on-one with a behaviorist to apply Green Mountain concepts to your personal situation.
    • Sustain the Change sessions – When you return home, get one-on-one support as you adjust back into your routine.
  • Massage: We offer a full line of therapeutic massage services.
  • Women’s Center for Binge and Emotional Eating (WCBEE)
    The only women-only clinical program in the country to exclusively treat binge and emotional eating, the WCBEE offers an intimate, safe, and judgment-free therapy environment that helps participants resolve their food and body image issues from the inside out.

    • Pathway is a therapeutic program that emphasizes the practice of mindfulness and employs a variety of behavioral change therapies. You’ll explore the personal barriers that have kept you stuck, and how to counter them with realistic strategies to prevent overeating in response to stress and emotions. Learn more about Pathway >>
    • Clinical Services include individual assessments by our clinicians with the goal of providing treatment recommendations and effective action planning. Individual therapy sessions are also available to target specific eating behavior goals and provide support.

Read about a typical day at Green Mountain.

Green Mountain at Fox Run exceeded my expectations. It was a terrific re-set and the perfect environment to focus on balance – health supportive eating, enjoyable movement and mindfulness… I learned so much and at the same time, have not been that relaxed in 29 years!”

– Lisa Adkins, Lexington

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Special Health Concerns

Do you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, mobility issues including arthritis, or other health concerns? We can help. Learn more about special health concerns here >>

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