Women's Center for Binge and Emotional Eating

The Only Center Dedicated to Women Anywhere on The Emotional/Binge Eating Continuum*

At Green Mountain’s Women’s Center for Binge and Emotional Eating, we work to empower you with proven strategies and the confidence necessary to handle the pressures of everyday life, without only turning to food to manage.

Our wellness retreat setting provides the perfect backdrop to achieve the best results — women only, emotional/binge eating only, a serene setting in Vermont where women have the benefit of being away from the distractions of their daily lives, with countless opportunities for face time with our compassionate and caring professional staff.

Combining your time at the center with a stay at our healthy living retreat Green Mountain at Fox Run also creates a synergy that provides you with the greatest chance of improved health and sustained recovery back at home. In the company of like-minded women, you practice eating, moving and living to develop and cement new attitudes and behaviors that help you overcome eating struggles.

Just as powerfully, you join a community of other women who face similar and isolating struggles.

What Makes Green Mountain’s Women’s Center for Binge and Emotional Eating Different

A deep understanding of what’s really going on with eating behavior and weight struggles that may accompany it

Women today experience daily stress and pressure that commonly leads to overeating, especially in a world where “thin is in”. The usual recommendation is to diet or increase your exercise. But we know this is a detour that often results in disordered eating and weight gain. As pioneers in the non-diet philosophy, we have four decades of experience in helping women successfully overcome eating and weight struggles.

A safe, healing environment

Our women only, emotional/binge eating only treatment center allows us to focus on underlying issues that may be too difficult to discuss in mixed groups. Because participants and staff alike “get you”, there’s no judgment about body size or eating behavior. This helps you relax and de-stress in order to begin to heal. Our compassionate, trauma-informed care model provides a safe space to hold the emotions that may be driving your eating behavior. You can stop suffering in silence.

An immersion in mindful self-determination

If you struggle with emotional eating behaviors, you’re probably used to others telling you what, when and how much you should eat. Many of us no longer trust ourselves to make wise decisions when it comes to food and eating. Instead, we rely on advice gleaned from years of dieting, even when we believe we don’t diet anymore. Yet lasting success depends on internal motivation — you making the decisions about what you eat based on what you need. We create an embodied experience that is designed to reinforce your innate desire to do what is best for you.

The wisdom of experience with a team that provides specialized treatment

Not only do we employ skilled licensed therapists, our leadership has decades of experience in researching and developing programs specific to meet the needs of those struggling with food and weight. Our staff is carefully selected and trained by one of the nation’s leading experts in binge and emotional eating, to provide the most change-sensitive and evidence-based programming specific to the treatment of binge and emotional eating.

A passion that is driven by personal experience and caring

We not only get it, we’ve been there as women and as experts in the field. It doesn’t matter how much you know unless people know how much you care.

An affordable program in a retreat setting — integrative care at its best

One that provides an unmatched experience that helps women heal their relationship with food, eating, exercise, their bodies, and themselves by promoting true and sustainable self-care, self-respect, and self-management.

“I leave feeling hopeful for the future in a way I haven’t before. I have insight into myself that I haven’t had ever. I can leave the shame, the “rules”, the never-ending need for control behind.”

-Ann D.

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