Is our I'm an Emotional Eater, Now What? Workshop right for you?

  • Do you find yourself eating when you’re bored, sad or anxious – whether you’re overweight or not?
  • Do you sometimes eat in secret?
  • Do you feel a bit out of control once you start eating certain foods & feel like you just can’t stop?
  • Do you long to stop feeling so alone in all of it, to feel understood and accepted?

Heal Yourself from the Inside Out

Eating behaviors and struggles around food are symptoms of an underlying issue and the only way to resolve these symptoms is to get to the heart of the problem. Our emotional and binge eating specialists will not only provide you with strategies for change, but most importantly, will guide you to dig deeper and truly understand the underlying reasons why the eating behavior is happening.  Our workshops provide the only approach that addresses the “why” of emotional eating, helping you identify the root causes, leading you to truly sustainable change.

“I can’t remember when I had my last mindless binge – more than a year… I can’t thank you enough for your insight and support to put me on the pathway to healthy eating. Thank you!!” – Laura, TX

What to Expect from our Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Weekends:

These weekends will guide you through a progressive curriculum providing a deep understanding of the roots of struggled eating behaviors.

Through a curriculum of group workshops, led by professional emotional and binge eating specialists, you’ll explore the personal barriers that keep people stuck, and actionable strategies to counter them and prevent eating in response to stress and emotions.

Emotional and Binge Eating Specialists, Shiri Macri and Lesley Wayler, will lead you to understand the many possible “why’s” behind binge and/or emotional eating, then to develop actionable strategies towards change.

You will leave with a deep understanding of how to make peace with eating, food, and your body.


What You'll Experience


You’ll free yourself of the shame and secrecy you now may feel.


You’ll truly understand what it will take to overcome these patterns based on your individual history and needs.


You’ll see this whole experience as an opportunity to stop emotional and binge eating and feel confident in your ability to do the same at home.


Surrounded by the beautiful vistas of Vermont, you’ll relax in an environment that’s just right for discovering your true nature.


The camaraderie of this women-only program and the devoted professionals who have chosen to specialize in binge and emotional eating create a safe, secure environment.


You’ll have the tools to create and sustain real change in your emotional and physical health. And yes, any weight issues will be addressed, too.

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