At the Women’s Center for Binge & Emotional Eating, we offer many ways to help with binge eating disorder. Here are the details on our programs and events:


Our now health insurance reimbursable Pathwayprogram offers meaningful help with binge eating and emotional eating. This program has created life-altering change in the lives of many women. It is specifically designed to stop emotional overeating by using cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapy, emphasizing the practice of mindfulness. The program is intentionally offered in a small group format that is both supportive and experiential.

Binge and Emotional Eating Help at Green Mountain

Clinical Assessment
We’ll help you explore the roots of your emotional overeating and/or binge eating. Then we’ll help you create an individualized plan to tackle it.

8 Therapy Groups
This includes educational, experiential and therapeutic small group discussions which focus on a wide variety of unique, timely topics that drive disordered eating.

A Small Group Experience (Size Limited, Closed Group Model)
You’ll bond and share with a smaller group of like-minded women who also struggle  with emotional overeating and/or binge eating.

Closing Individual Session
You’ll review your individualized Action Plan with your personal therapist, and receive a written clinical report that can be shared with your treatment providers at home, if desired.

The Pathway program can be combined  with a stay at the Green Mountain at Fox Run Women’s Retreat for Healthy Weight & Well-Being for a comprehensive lifestyle-changing experience. So while participating in the Pathwayprogram you can also take part in our acclaimed  program that helps you learn how to truly care for yourself through mindful eating, enjoyable exercise, effective stress management, cooking demos and more.

Program Cost – $1000, in addition to the regular fees for a stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run.


For those who are looking for additional help, the Pathway Focus program is available  to all participants who have completed the initial Pathway. In this program,  we focus on continued healing and therapeutic support with new topics rotating each week.

Two groups plus an individual session: $300 a week.



We also offer services outside of Pathway for both outpatient clients and Green Mountain at Fox Run participants, including:

  • Clinical assessment, treatment recommendations and action planning
  • Individual therapy sessions targeting specific goals
  • Nutritional assessment, consultation and experiential sessions
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) medically proven to reduce stress that leads to emotional eating

Open House

Every Thursday at 5-6pm

Weekly Pathway™ Program

New Groups Start Every Monday

A la Carte Clinical Services

By Appointment, Monday-Friday

Eating Disorder Therapy at Green Mountain


The Pathway program can be combined with the Green Mountain at Fox Run retreat for a comprehensive lifestyle-changing experience. So, while participating inPathway, you can also take part in Green Mountain’s acclaimed healthy weight and well-being program that includes movement, fitness, nutrition and behavioral classes, cooking demos, and more.

If you choose not to partake in the Green Mountain program, we are happy to help you arrange for alternative local accommodations.