At the Women’s Center for Binge & Emotional Eating, all of our services are specifically designed to stop binge and emotional eating using evidenced-based therapeutic strategies provided by masters and doctoral level clinicians. Our outpatient services are insurance eligible. Here are the details on our programs and offerings.

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Our foundational Pathway program was designed with the busy woman in mind. It offers meaningful help with binge eating and emotional eating in a powerful eight-group package.

Pathway has created life-altering change in the lives of over 500 women since it’s inception in 2014. It is designed to interrupt the binge cycle and jumpstart meaningful change using mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral and interpersonal therapy.

The program is intentionally offered in a small closed group format that is both supportive and experiential. The entire program can be completed in one week or an intensive weekend format.

Binge Eating and Emotional Eating Help at Green Mountain

The Pathway package includes:

Clinical Eating Behavior Assessment
Meet one-on-one with a therapist to explore the roots of your emotional overeating and/or binge eating and the stressors that sustain it. Then we help you create an individualized plan to tackle it.

Four Therapy Groups
Includes educational, experiential and therapeutic small group discussions which focus on the most important skills, strategies, and insights necessary to jumpstart your recovery from disordered eating.

A Small Group Experience
You bond and share with a small group of like-minded women who also struggle with emotional overeating and/or binge eating. Closed to others once it starts, each group is limited to 8 participants who move through the program together.

Closing Individual Session
You’ll review the big “ah ha’s” from the week, detail your individualized Action Plan with your therapist, and receive a written clinical report within 2 weeks of your departure, that can be shared with your treatment providers at home if desired.

Help in Finding a Support Team at Home
If desired, we connect you with like-minded therapists, dietitians and other health professionals in your geographic area to help create your support team at home.

The Pathway program is offered in a one-week format. It is most powerful when combined with a stay at the Green Mountain at Fox Run Women’s Retreat for Healthy Weight & Well-Being that helps you learn how to truly care for yourself through mindful eating, enjoyable exercise, effective stress management, cooking demos and more.

Program Cost – $1000. Additional fee for stays at Green Mountain at Fox Run.  


For more comprehensive treatment for binge and emotional eating, we recommend weekly individual and group support sessions once you complete the foundational Pathway program.

In this program, we focus on continued healing and therapeutic support to address your individualized treatment plan. Our average stay is two weeks, but many women stay four or more weeks in order to fully address their lifelong habits with food and the mindset driving them.

Ninety-five (95) percent of those participating in this program concurrently participate in our acclaimed program at Green Mountain at Fox Run for a comprehensive healthy living experience.

Two groups plus an individual session: $450 a week in addition to the regular fees for a stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run.



We also offer services outside of the Pathway program for both outpatient clients and Green Mountain at Fox Run participants, including:

  • Clinical assessment, treatment recommendations and action planning
  • Individual therapy sessions targeting specific eating behavior goals and support for struggles with mood, anxiety, stress management and relationships
  • Individual sessions with our registered dietitian
  • Family therapy to help facilitate your significant others’ understanding of how to best support your recovery
  • Transitional coaching upon discharge for aftercare

Pathway Alumnae

Ongoing Weekly Group & Individual Session Package

Weekly Pathway™ Program

New Groups Start Every Monday

A la Carte Clinical Services

By Appointment, Monday-Friday

Serving the Local Community

Services for Ludlow residents and those living in within weekly/biweekly driving distance of our clinic are available in the evenings. Reduced fee option available with our Associate Therapy Program only available for clinical services not combined with the Green Mountain at Fox Run program.

Free Support Group Alternating Wednesdays, 6 PM

Pathway Alumnae* Regional Group – Schedule TBD

Call ahead for admission. Individual therapy services for local residents are available on a sliding scale fee.

*Pathway Alumnae available only for those who have attended our Pathway foundational program.

Eating Disorder Therapy at Green Mountain

If you choose not to partake in the Green Mountain program, we are happy to help you arrange for alternative local accommodations.

Questions? We can help.

You can also schedule a free call with one of our behavioral counselors.

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