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Overcome Emotional & Binge Eating

Do you find yourself eating when you’re bored, sad, anxious or stressed?

Do you sometimes eat in secret and would be humiliated if anyone saw how much you eat?

Do you feel out of control once you start eating certain foods?

Do you feel ashamed of your weight, which only seems to drive you to eat more?

Do you long to stop feeling so alone in all of it, to feel understood and get real help?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be dealing with emotional eating, emotional overeating, or binge eating.

It’s not your fault. We can help.

Affordable Therapy Services for Busy Women to Help You Stop Emotional & Binge Eating

There is simply no other retreat-based center in the country like ours.

Our innovative philosophy sets the stage for a judgment-free setting where our compassionate eating behavior specialists are dedicated to helping you find the roots of your food struggles and how to move past them. You’ll find support in a community of other women just like you, as you laugh, cry, commiserate and celebrate.

  • Exclusively for women wanting to understand their eating behaviors more deeply, whether emotional eating, emotional overeating, or binge eating.
  • Evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment
  • Rooted in mindfulness
  • Small groups
  • Affordable retreat-based setting compared to residential eating disorder treatment centers
  • Some services are insurance-eligible offered by licensed therapists

Learn About Our Therapy Services

Feel Free from binge eating symptoms.

Free from secrets.

Free from shame.

Free to be yourself again.

Helping Women Overcome Weight Struggles for Over 45 Years

Our pioneering non-diet philosophy, delivered as part of Green Mountain’s core program for overcoming eating and weight struggles, sets the stage for lasting change that can help you achieve and maintain your healthy weight. Through powerful tools such as mindfulness techniques, stress reduction skills, and movement, you’ll learn to practice self-care in your daily life. You’ll begin to feel good about yourself again.

A Compassionate Eating Behavior Team

Using an inside-out approach, our team of caring therapists will guide you on a transformative journey of change, leading to inner peace which translates into freedom from food and weight worries.

Meet Our Experts

“These are experts in their field with the highest levels of education but at the core they are women helping women… They define living life the way you want your story told.” 

– Anonymous TripAdvisor from Mahwah, New Jersey

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