Before You Go on Another Diet, Get to the Bottom of What’s Driving Your Emotional Eating

  • What’s causing your non-stop cravings
  • Why you resolve to “be good” and then find yourself losing control once again
  • Why you can’t stop eating certain foods once you start
  • Why you eat normally in front of others, then sneak food when alone
  • Why hating yourself for your eating only makes you continue to eat

Green Mountain at Fox Run offers the only emotional eating treatment program in the US exclusively for women who struggle with overeating. In our calm and judgement-free healing environment for women who struggle with overeating and weight, our licensed, insurance-eligible staff employ the latest science-informed treatment.

Using an inside-out approach, our team of caring therapists will guide you on a transformative journey of change, leading to inner peace which translates into freedom from food and weight worries. Many have been on the same journey themselves.

Our pioneering non-diet philosophy sets the stage for lasting change that can help you end eating struggles as well as achieve and maintain your healthy weight. Through powerful tools such as mindfulness techniques, stress reduction skills, and movement, you’ll learn to practice self-care in your daily life. You’ll begin to feel good about yourself again.

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“Two years ago I began a four week stay Green Mountain at Fox Run. This was the beginning of the best month of my life (so far!). Thank you for providing an amazing environment. Never have I felt such love and acceptance from others….or myself. I wish I had the words to succinctly describe those 28 days. I am grateful to have had the experience and meet so many wonderful women along the way. My Vermont friends – I think about you often and I miss you. Thanks for being part of my journey!”

– Terri, Cincinnati, 2016

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