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Check out our “5-Minute Meditations” Youtube Series to start or strengthen a meditation practice. FRIDAY. CULTIVATING THE PRACTICE OF TRUE SELF-CARE.

Mindfulness 101 | Permission Granted to “Be Lazy”

We’ve forgotten how to BE, so much so that if we even dare sit for a period of time doing ‘nothing’ it’s as though we’re doing something wrong. Take a page from our Mindfulness 101 class and know that you can do nothing if you need to!

What Leads to Weight Loss Results?

Avoid Weight Loss Pitfalls Even though I’ve been working at Green Mountain for a while now, I am still impressed by the amount of information that Green Mountain’s program provides. Between the handouts in the binder, materials and handouts and worksheets from classes, and what gets talked about in all of the in-between’s… you get