Binge Eating - Myths, Truths and Treatments

Our new whitepaper addresses questions including:

  • What is Binge Eating Disorder (BED)? How does someone develop BED?
  • Where does weight loss fit into the treatment of BED?
  • What are the common myths associated with BED?
  • How do you treat BED? How do I get help with binge eating?

5 Steps to Overcoming Food Addiction

These five steps can help you explore what’s behind your feelings of food addiction. They can put you squarely on the path to eating what you want in a way that makes you feel great and keeps you healthy and at your healthy weight.

Foundational Guide to Reaching & Maintaining Your Healthy Weight

Including resources on:

  • Understanding: What is a healthy weight?
  • Embracing healthy eating strategies (that are also pleasurable)
  • Starting and cultivating a fitness practice you enjoy
  • Using mindfulness to overcome stress & emotional eating

Why The Scale Can Do More Harm Than Good

Download this free visual guide to understand the various paths and patterns that lead from the scale to overeating and weight gain.

10 Healthy Eating Exercises That Can Really Make A Difference

Download our 10 exercises to try to make mindful eating a regular practice. Eating mindfully can help you tune in and discover what your body is telling you that you actually need.

The Truth About Sugar Addiction & What You Can Do About It

Download our visual guide to understand what’s wrong with calling a “sweet tooth” a sugar addiction and what you can do if you feel like you are addicted to sugar.

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