Free 4-Week Series: Mindfulness For Women Who Struggle With Weight

Mindfulness is a big buzzword these days. But it’s a simple idea.

By simply paying attention — without judgment — we can literally change our brains to better manage our emotions, especially stress and anxiety.

Why is this important? How can mindfulness help you?

Stress and anxiety are two of the most common reasons for binge eating and emotional overeating. In becoming more mindful, we give ourselves the opportunity to respond differently in the moment to our feelings.

The result: Significantly less binge and emotional overeating and a significantly improved relationship with food and your body.

Mindfulness is not about sitting cross-legged, chanting mantras. Green Mountain at Fox Run can help you understand what it is about — and how to make this powerful practice a part of your life to help improve your relationship with food, physical activity and your body.

Register for our free 4-week series, in which you’ll receive weekly emails that contain videos, articles, and links to helpful resources to help you develop a mindfulness practice.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety to manage binge and emotional eating.
  • Practice easy mindful meditations to bring a sense of calm to your daily life.
  • Eat well with a mindful eating practice.
  • Get or stay active and enjoy it.
  • Add life to your LIFE.

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