Free 4 Week Series: Overcoming Feelings of Food Addiction

Is it possible to overcome feelings of food addiction?

If we pay attention — without judgment — to how we eat, we can gain better insight into why we eat. Knowing this can help manage our emotions…and our eating. Our emotions often play a big role in our eating behavior.

How can we help you overcome feelings of food addiction?

Strong cravings, or the belief that we are addicted to a specific food or food group, starts in the mind. Through mindful eating, we give ourselves the opportunity to respond differently in the moment to our feelings.

The result: Fewer cravings or feelings of food addiction and a significantly improved relationship with food and your body.

Green Mountain at Fox Run can help you understand what mindful eating is about — and how to make this powerful practice a part of your life to help improve your relationship with food and your body…and end feelings of food addiction.

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You’ll learn how to think differently about food, your choices and use mindful eating to:

  • Reduce cravings and manage binge and emotional eating.
  • Bring a sense of intention to your meals.
  • Meet your physical and emotional needs around food.
  • Break free from old eating habits.
  • Find joy in food.

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How to Overcome Food Addiction

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