Ditch Ineffective Weight Loss Programs

It’s simple, really. Popular weight loss programs don’t work, and even worse, make most of us gain weight. Getting healthy is what helps end weight struggles. It’s time to find what’s naturally healthy and sustainable for YOU. Through the practice of mindfulness, you’ll learn to eat, move, and LIVE in the moment. The results can be profound.


Learn to Eat and Move Mindfully

You won’t just eat, you’ll be nourished. Our retreat is not about rules and dieting, it’s about how to eat mindfully and acquire healthy habits around food. And you won’t just move, you’ll be moved. Fitness here is more like a celebration than a practice. You’ll learn to accept and embrace your body like a long, lost friend.


Meet Other Supportive, Caring Woman

You’ll be surrounded by people who get you. The connections you’ll make in this women-only environment at Green Mountain at Fox Run are likely to be life altering. Especially the connection you’ll make with YOU. Nothing is more liberating and empowering than learning to truly care for yourself.


For 43 years, helping women live healthier lives free of dieting