Green Mountain’s program provides a limited number of partial scholarships each year to women on behalf of our two scholarships: The Rose Caron Scholarship & The International Participant Scholarship.

The Rose Caron Scholarship

In honor of Rose Caron, PhD, who attended the first Green Mountain program in 1973 and became a frequent participant and advisor to the program, the Rose Caron scholarship was established.  In accordance with the program’s guidelines, these are partial scholarships*, with funds made available based on qualifications – which is a combination of your history (herstory), goals and the level of readiness to tackle your issues that is apparent in your information, as well as financial concerns. Rose felt strongly that a key element for the success experienced by the women who come to Green Mountain was that they were willing to make an investment in themselves, which attached a real “value” to the experience. Women willing to invest in themselves on every level (emotional, time away from home, as well as some financial commitment) are the women that we would like to offer help to.

The Rose Caron ScholarshipDr. Rose Caron, a nationally-renowned psychologist was a Green Mountain alum for 30 years. With her husband and research partner, Albert Caron, PhD, Rose is credited with the development of the field of psycholinguistics of newborn infants.

A graduate of Vassar (BA) and University of Chicago (PhD), Rose was a highly endowed researcher at the National Institutes of Health and Professor, George Washington University and Boston University, in both the departments of Psychology and Women’s Health Studies.

The International Participant Scholarship

Through the generosity of one of our alumnae, additional scholarships are available for international participants.  Preference will be given to those coming from South America, a particular area of interest for this scholarship’s benefactor.  This scholarship assists women from outside the United States who are in need of financial assistance to attend our program.  A limited number of scholarships will be provided each year to help deserving international woman attend Green Mountain at Fox Run.

Similar to the Rose Caron Scholarship, these are partial scholarships*, with funds intended to partially offset travel costs.

Guidelines For The Scholarship Programs:

Download the scholarship application here. Please write us about you, and your history that has led you to seek a stay at GreenMountain.

  • Include your goals, and what you’d like to learn and understand. There’s no maximum or minimum number of words, just what you feel is what you’d like us to know.
  • How long you would like to stay, (programs are typically two to four weeks in duration) and when you would like to attend.
  • Include the first page of your last tax return, and a statement of what you can afford to contribute.**
  • For international scholarship applicants, please include an estimate of your round-trip travel costs.

Please submit all relevant materials to Lesley.Wayler@fitwoman.com. Your application will be reviewed by a board consisting of staff and past participants. Scholarship funds will be provided solely at our discretion. Applications are reviewed on a semi-annual basis.

* Although each scholarship is based on the individual application, contributions typically fall within the 40-60% range.

** Due to the volume of applications, those not providing all information will not be considered. For the same reason, no information provided can be returned to sender.