Guests staying at Green Mountain at Fox Run for four weeks or longer may request to bring their well-behaved pet (cat or small dog) to accompany them during their stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run. We have a very limited pet policy and handle each request on its own merits.

We approve a pet request based on the following:

  • A guest bringing an approved pet must choose a private, non-mountain view.
  • A guest must be staying at Green Mountain at Fox Run for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • We accommodate only animals of 35 pounds or less.
  • A non-refundable pet fee of $25.00 a day will be charged prior to your visit.
  • All guests at check in with a pet must sign a release accepting responsibility for any damage caused by the pet.  At the conclusion of your stay, an evaluation of the room, and common areas will determine whether extra cleaning or repair charges are required.
  • Prior to approval of the pet’s visit, a current immunization record must be submitted. We cannot accept a pet on the premises without these records on file. (Service dogs do not require records to be sent.) A representative from Guest Services will follow-up with you for these records 1 week prior to your arrival.
  • The pet must be crate-trained, supervised at all times if not in crate, and must be on a leash in public places; pets are allowed in common areas only as a means of walking them from indoors to outdoors and back. (Service Dogs are the exception to this policy.)
  • The pet must be in its kennel/crate when the guest is not in the room.
  • Rooms with pets must be cleaned daily by our Housekeeping Staff. No exceptions.
  • Owners must pick up after their dogs outdoors and dispose of properly.
  • Should we receive actionable complaints from other guests or staff, the pet may not be allowed to remain on the property.  (Boarding alternatives in the area can be recommended.)
  • Approval to bring a pet will be issued on a per-visit basis. No assumption can be made that a pet is approved for current or subsequent visits.
  • I acknowledge that I will walk my pet to relieve it of bodily functions on the OUTER perimeter of the building property, away from the side of the building and flower beds. I am also responsible to clean up any refuse produced by my pet. The use of “pet pads” is not an option.
  • I understand that should my pet disturb other GMFR guests, we will have no other choice but refuse further accommodation for your pet.  For this reason, we ask that you provide us with a cell phone number enabling us to reach you if you are not in the room and your pet is creating a disturbance.  Fair warning will be given only once.  A second warning will lead to the eviction of the pet and possibly their owner with no refund.  If a guest cannot be reached and the pet must be removed, the cost to relocate the pet will be covered by the registered guest of the room.


Service Dogs are welcome at no charge and are not subject to this policy.


A therapy animal is permitted at a charge of $25.00 per day and may be allowed to accompany its owner in public spaces as long as it is leashed.


Staff-owned Support Animals are on-premise at Green Mountain at Fox Run to encourage the use animal-assisted strategies to support our participants. Our Green Mountain at Fox Run policy is in place for doing so in a safe and therapeutic manner and is available to view upon request.

Policy is subject to change.

Download Pet Policy To Sign Here. 

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