How Long Should I Stay?

Introductory One Week Program

“Getting Started”

– Learn critical coping skills and weight loss strategies

Create your own personal “take-home” plan

Increase your fitness level and tailor your routine

Jump start your commitment to a healthy weight lifestyle or get back on track. Many participants successfully achieve their goals after just one week at Green Mountain; some women return at a later time to continue for a more in-depth experience.

Popular Two Week Program

“Building Success”

– Build your confidence as you practice new skills

Improve how you cope with stress and emotions

Free yourself from the the frustration of diets and fear

Our most popular program is designed specifically for busy women who want to develop new skills and practice them before returning home. If you have big goals for long-term success but have limited time, our two-week program is often a more realistic choice.

Comprehensive Three and Four* Week Program

“Embracing Change”

– Incorporate our non-diet approach into your life

Reinforce new habits and plan for the transition home

– Develop you solid support network for the future

Our most comprehensive program featuring the full set of core workshops in nutrition, fitness/exercise physiology, emotional eating, binge eating and body image. This gives you the time to cement new ways of thinking and doing before you return to your busy life.

*Our four-week program has been evaluated for its long-term results.

A medical peer-reviewed published study showed a five-year success rate more than 20 times that of other commercial or hospital-based programs. Long-term participants are better able to achieve lasting weight loss and improved health.

Interested in Staying Longer?

Our Extended Stay Program offers even more of the discovery, practice, integration and take-home preparation under the caring guidance of our skilled professional staff, with an assigned professional staff member as your mentor.