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Premium Alumnae are women who have completed 4-11 weeks at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

Elite Alumnae are women who have completed 12 or more weeks.

2018 Premium Alum Rates Private Double Triple
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1 Week $2,916 $2,566 $2,249 $499
2 Weeks $5,832 $5,131 $4,498
3 Weeks $8,748 $7,697 $6,747
4 Weeks $11,664 $10,262 $8,996
     2018 Elite Alum Rates     Private Double Triple
Now Available!
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1 Week $2,734 $2,405 $2,249 $499
2 Weeks $5,468 $4,811 $4,498
3 Weeks $8,201 $7,216 $6,747
4 Weeks $10,935 $9,621 $8,996

Rates are per person and are subject to change. Minimum age requirement to enroll is 17.

Financing Your Stay. We have a relationship with Prosper Health Care Lending who can help finance your stay. More information on Prosper.


1-Week Program 2-3 Week Program 4 Week Program
Introductory or Refresher Most Popular Your Best Bet
This one intensive week includes all the essentials of our program to help you begin or reboot your wellness journey. You’ve got time constraints, but you still want to make sure you can practice your new skills and develop a plan to take home.  This may be the program for you. This immersive program is your best bet for developing new habits that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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“Two years ago I began a four week stay Green Mountain at Fox Run. This was the beginning of the best month of my life (so far!). Thank you for providing an amazing environment. Never have I felt such love and acceptance from others….or myself. I wish I had the words to succinctly describe those 28 days. I am grateful to have had the experience and meet so many wonderful women along the way. My Vermont friends – I think about you often and I miss you. Thanks for being part of my journey!”

– Terri, Cincinnati, 2016

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Alumnae Resources

After your stay at Green Mountain, we want to help you sustain the change. Because ongoing support can mean the difference between success and failure in reaching your health goals.

Consider the following options to help you sustain the change you started during your stay with us in Vermont.

A Weight Lifted Blog

A Weight Lifted is Green Mountain’s blog for women tired of dieting. Our weekly posts help remind you of the nuances of living without the diet mentality; how to make food choices that truly support you; how to make physical activity something you want to do; how to think and talk to yourself positively to support yourself in achieving your goals. If you have a question or a topic you’d like us to write about, please email us.

Private Facebook Group

This private group provides a forum for our past participants to support one another on their journey to healthy weight and wellness, during and after their stay with us. Women share resources and experiences that can benefit the group.


Stay up-to-date on health and fitness trends and our views about them with our weekly newsletters.

Healthy Recipes

We feature some of the favorites you enjoyed during your stay at Green Mountain as well as new recipes our talented chefs keep dreaming up.


Alumnae Wellness Retreat

October 24 – 27, 2019
Join us for alumnae weekend in Vermont where you’ll refresh and reconnect with old friends. 

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