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Use Mindfulness to Make Healthy Changes in Your Life

It’s not just you. Everyone has a hard time changing habits! Personally, I need as much support as possible when I’m really trying to make changes to better live a healthy, fulfilling life. That’s part of why mindfulness has become such an integral part of my daily life. But, I get it. Mindfulness may sound

Is Jogging Really Bad For You?

Study: Strenuous Joggers As Likely To Die As Sedentary Non-Joggers I have to admit I did an internal victory dance (like the ones football players do when they score a touchdown) after reading about the study posted by the Journal of American College of Cardiology, which reported that jogging is bad for you – well,

It’s the Most Wonderful…Wait…Really? Putting the Holidays into Perspective

Does the hustle and bustle of this time of year bring on warm, nostalgic feelings? Or are we overloaded with expectations and riddled with stress? I wish the former for anyone, but unfortunately many of us are dealing with the latter. Most Feel Increased Stress During The Holidays And most often women bear more of the

Ten Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise as the Season Changes

With the leaves fallen, cooler air and shorter autumn days, getting motivated to move may be a little more challenging.  With that in mind, I decided to take a survey from some of my friends to find out what motivates them to exercise this time of year: Exercise Motivation: Keep Your Momentum Going 1 Keep It Fun Finding an activity