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Exercise, Depression & Feeling Good

I had an unbelievably busy weekend, and my motivation to do anything this week – from making breakfast to making my bed – is at an equally unbelievable low ebb. As I sat at my desk yesterday, making a half-hearted attempt to straighten things up, I ran across a piece I tore out of USA

Walking…You Make My Heart Go Pitter Pat!

Not everyone who visits this blog or comes to Green Mountain at Fox Run, does so to learn how to reach their healthy weight – but a lot do. When you have your weight on the brain, expectations around getting healthy often get skewed. The good news? Small improvements in your behavior and your thinking,

When You Don’t Want the Doctor to Stay Away

Like most women, I’ve had problems communicating with my doctor – both in being understood and  being taken seriously.  When I started writing this post, in the back of my mind was a statistic that I’d read about women not seeking medical care for fear of being chastised about their weight. In looking for the

Orange-Glazed Carrots and Asparagus

Did you know that last week was National Folic Acid Awareness Week? I guess I missed that memo!  Luckily, Florida’s Folic Acid Coalition is on the ball with some healthy and – of course – ‘citriousy’ recipes. What’s all the fuss about folic acid, you ask?  Folic acid is a B vitamin used in women’s

Swiss Chard Purses

Swiss chard purses (from Gourmet Magazine November 2004) Makes 10-12 servings 5 cups of preferred filling, examples: just under cooked and wet wild rice, stuffing mixture extra moist or before baking, polenta or mashed potatoes 2 large leeks, outer leaves removed and cut length wise into 25 strips (use remaining part of leeks, chopped, in