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8 Strategies for Achieving Work/Life Balance

Finding balance in our busy lives is a challenge for most of us. In the most recent American Psychological Association publication, the Monitor on Psychology (July/August, 2016), I read an article intended for psychologists entitled “Seeking more balance” by Kirsten Weir. She wrote, “Even though psychologists are well-versed in the principles behind work-life balance, achieving

Stress Eating: When Emotional Eating Hurts

Recognize Your Stress Eating Characteristics Do you find yourself reaching for a snack when you are: Anxious? You’re worried about what might happen, what didn’t happen, what you want to happen, what you don’t want to happen? Bored? There’s nothing to do and so much time to not do it in. Unhappy? Things just aren’t

Fitness Video: Yoga Poses You Can Do In A Chair

This video is part of our fitness video series featuring Lori Wright – Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Fitness Lead. Lori has taught for more than 20 years, and is an ACE certified Personal Trainer. She holds certifications in Aerobics, Spinning, BodyPump, YogaFit, Hot Yoga, YogaLean, and Kids Yoga. In This Episode… In this episode, Lori walks us through

How Yoga Changed My Life

About three months after beginning a regular yoga practice of twice a week, I began to see some significant changes in my life. My first ‘aha’ moment came after a family holiday gathering. I hadn’t become stressed about the two-hour drive or worried that my young children were going to misbehave. I wasn’t even concerned