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The Binge Eating Diaries: Did I Just Binge or Overeat?

Even though I haven’t had what I qualify as a binge since I left Green Mountain, this does not mean I have magically acquired perfect eating habits. I still overeat more than I would like (these things take time, people). It’s hard to find a balance between sustaining life with food and harming ourselves with

Cooking Solo: Recipes for One

Whether you live alone, have different tastes than other members of your family, or just tend to eat by yourself often, it might be helpful to have a collection of recipes for one.  While I’m not opposed to cooking large quantities of food and freezing it, there’s a need to do some cooking for one from time

Fitness Friday: Cardio Soul Search

This article was written by Green Mountain senior fitness specialist LynnAnn Covell for Already Pretty, in response to a reader question about finding the right fitness routine when you have time and mobility issues (in this case scoliosis and knee tenderness). It is an exciting and hopeful moment when you find a physical activity that

Weight Stigma and Loneliness

Weight Stigma Can Lead To Isolation Weight stigma enhances feeling fat and uncomfortable in public and can lead to greater and greater isolation. At Green Mountain at Fox Run, we know that loneliness can interrupt self care and increase isolation. Harriet Brown discusses in Science Times how, in a time of public acceptance and tolerance

Emotional Eating Book Review: Eating With Fierce Kindness

Green Mountain alum and blogger Jill C is back with another book review, this one on the topic of emotional eating, “Eating with Fierce Kindness.” At some point in your life, you may have found it necessary to self-soothe with food. And maybe, like me, you are ready to change that story. If so, it’s