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Exercise Success – Office Exercise Tips

Work or Workout? Office Exercise You Can Do Are you someone who thinks or says, “I simply don’t have enough time to exercise because I work so much.” “My office doesn’t have a fitness center so I can’t exercise during the day.” “My family keeps me busy after I get home — there’s just no

Benefits of Exercise: Green Mountain’s Top Ten

And the Top Ten… 10.  It helps reduce risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes. 9.  It helps relieve chronic pain, such as backache and arthritis. 8.  It (especially weight training) makes everyday tasks, such as lifting a loaded suitcase, laundry basket or grocery bag, easier. 7.  It

7 Steps to a Better Body Image

Body image.  These two small words sum up so much of the struggle around eating and weight. Because we don’t feel good about our bodies, we treat them in ways that perpetuate the struggle.  We diet…and binge.  We overexercise…and injure ourselves.  We do both…and burn out.  So that self-care isn’t on the docket anymore. It’s

Fitness Friday: Experiencing My First Nia Class

Today’s post is by Green Mountain fitness intern Melissa on experiencing her first Nia class. During my first week as a fitness intern at Green Mountain, I was fortunate to be able to go through the Green Mountain program with our participants. Looking at the schedule, one of the classes that intrigued me the most

A Healthy Lunch Idea: Gluten Free Tuna Cakes

Whether you need to eat gluten free or not, these tuna cakes are always a crowd pleaser at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Feel free to deviate from this healthy lunch idea by adding your choice of diced celery, roasted red pepper, herbs, lemon or lime zest or even swapping oil and vinegar for the. Get