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How Much Exercise Is Enough?

We often hear from our alums that they don’t know if they’re getting enough exercise. After all, most of us don’t have four to five hours each day to exercise like we do on a typical day here at Green Mountain. Our most important advice in this regard is to base your goals on where

Nurturing the Whole Self

When we have emotional or spiritual hungers, often what we need is nurturing. Many of us use food as the first-line nurturi As we start moving from feeling empty to wholeness, our strategic plan needs to include many options for nurturing the self instead of turning to food. We attempt to cope with feelings or

Creating Space to Move from Reaction to Response

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you just keep hanging in a situation that is uncomfortable? Sometimes as women we don’t feel we are permitted to step away from a difficult situation, e.g., criticism at work, an argument at home, or an upsetting political discussion. And a lot of times, using food to cope when

Seven Tips for Learning to Meditate

Today’s post on learning to meditate is by guest blogger Elesa Commerse, founder of Touching Earth, a Chicago-based mindfulness center. Elesa will be leading a workshop at Green Mountain from March 24-30, called Befriending the Body, Befriending the Mind.® Anything we do takes on enhanced vigor and purpose when we bring mindfulness to it. That’s

Eating Well: The Best-Kept Secret for Healthy Weights

Eating well and maintaining your weight includes healthy salads. Before we say anything else, we want to point out that our title for thisFitBriefing is a bit of a joke. We at Green Mountain, as well as many other experts, have advised for years that eating well – not dieting – is key to not