Are You Eating Too Much At Night?

It’s 9 p.m. after a busy day. How many trips have you made to the refrigerator tonight?

If you’re a night eater, chances are quite a few.

If you struggle with late-night eating, you’re not alone. Many women fall into this difficult cycle of night eating syndrome. In fact, nearly five million Americans deal with night eating on a regular basis.

Green Mountain at Fox Run is a retreat exclusively for women who struggle with overeating and weight. Join a supportive community of other women, just like you, guided by eating behavior specialists who can help you find the roots of your food struggles and help you move past them.

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Why Do I Struggle With Night Eating?

There are several patterns that can set the stage for eating too much at night:

  1. A chaotic work schedule that results in not eating enough during the day
  2. Lack of access to food during the day, resulting from a lack of meal planning or shopping
  3. Poorly balanced meals earlier in the day that cause you to lack major nutrients
  4. Dieting during the day that results in excessive hunger at the end of the day
  5. Emotional triggers and worries that are more pronounced in the evening
  6. An evening routine that centers around food and makes it difficult to transition to sleep without eating
  7. A lack of meaning, purpose, or joy in daily activities that results in eating being your primary source of entertainment

Night eating may include eating excessively after you’ve had dinner, eating after waking up in the middle of the night, or feeling guilt or shame about evening eating habits. Night eating can throw off the body’s natural rhythm and cause various health issues, such as imbalances of hunger and satiety hormones, making it harder to recognize when you’re truly hungry.

Overcome Night Eating | Night Eating Syndrome

How Can I Start Taking Charge of Night Eating Syndrome?

Does your nighttime eating feel out of control? Are you ready to regain some balance? The Green Mountain at Fox Run staff has worked with women to overcome night eating and other challenges with food for more than four decades.

Our professional experience with mindful eating shows there are a few ways to overcome night eating, but the real key is to identify the real reason you’re overeating, and then work on changing the trigger.

For example, if you find yourself eating too much in front of the TV at night, consider changing part of your routine. If the goal of snacking while watching TV is to zone out and de-stress, find another activity that makes you happy and relaxed. When you’re sitting in your favorite chair with the TV on, try that activity instead of grabbing snacks every so often.

We know changing this mindset is difficult, and making a commitment to mindful eating requires a supportive, loving environment. Green Mountain at Fox Run supports women in the journey to overcome night eating with professional, caring advice in a beautiful retreat setting.

Professional, Supportive Help With Night Eating

Understanding the reasons behind your night eating—and the routine that it’s a part of—is key to regaining balance. Green Mountain at Fox Run is the nation’s oldest retreat exclusively for women who struggle with weight, emotional and binge eating, and feelings of food addiction. Our caring, professional staff has helped thousands of women make a meaningful change and embrace mindful eating.

Changing a habit is difficult, but you have the power to overcome night eating as part of a community of like-minded women.

When you’re ready to be free of uncontrollable night eating, contact us to learn more about the specialized programs by Green Mountain at Fox Run.

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