To be mindful is to deliberately pay attention to the present moment, without judgment.

This may sound like a simple idea, but human beings are complicated. As we go through life, we develop ways of thinking and doing that lead to mindless behaviors that often don’t take us where we want to go. Using the concept of mindfulness, we can practice new behaviors that can become a new  way of life. The results can be profound. Well-being, compassion, happiness and health can all be realized through mindfulness.

Green Mountain Health and Wellness Resort


Mindfulness is a key element of everything we do here.  For over 40 years, we’ve based our program on becoming mindful of how we think, eat, move and live, and for good reason. It works.  It works not only because it helps women manage overeating and binge eating, enjoy exercise again, and reach their healthy weights but, more importantly, it helps them find themselves again.

For many women who struggle with weight, emotional eating has become a habit, ingrained in their brains through neural pathways that deepen each time we emotionally eat. Over time, like any habit, it becomes our automatic reaction to certain stressors.

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Green Mountain Culinary and Dining


Being mindful before and while we eat can transform how we eat. It helps us realize when we are truly hungry for food, or when something else is driving us to eat.  It  helps us relish what we eat, taking the anxiety out of our relationship with food, and putting the pleasure back in. Learning how to eat in this way at Green Mountain can be a true game changer for those who have struggled with  weight loss. Years of struggle can be transformed into years of health and contentment, one moment at a time.

Green Mountain Fitness and Exercise


At Green Mountain we encourage participants to move in a way that honors – not ignores the body’s cues. This practice of tuning into the body – of being mindful with our movement takes time to learn, but is necessary for learning how to work with the body we have today and for fostering a healthy relationship with exercise.

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