A Young Women’s Emotional Eating and Healthy Weight Retreat


“I need to lose weight fast. I don’t feel acceptable at this size.”
“I keep sabotaging myself with food and I don’t know why.”
“Food is my go-to when I feel lonely, stressed, overwhelmed. It’s how I get through school – and life – right now.”
“I feel caught in a cycle of overeating and then hating myself. But it doesn’t stop me from going back to food again to cope.”

Do you know a young woman aged 18-25 who feels like this?

college women winter break program weight lossWe see them frequently at Green Mountain. They’re overwhelmed with life, often caught in transition from teenage high school years to college, or looking at completing college soon and have no idea what to do with their lives.

Combine that with worry over eating, weight, body image — something that afflicts many young women today — and you’ve got a recipe for eating and weight struggles.

During the first two weeks of 2015, we’re offering a special program for young women on college break to make use of this time to set the stage for managing well throughout the year. And the solution, they are happy to learn, isn’t giving up pizza.

Our Young Women’s Healthy Weight & Emotional Eating Retreat

Two weeks in January: January 4 and January 11, 2015

In our safe, supportive environment with no judgment or pressure, they discover and practice how to:

check mark Recognize emotional triggers and respond to them in ways other than eating

check mark Develop a healthier relationship with your body to achieve and maintain your healthy weight

check mark Redefine healthy eating so that it’s something you actually want to do and can do

check mark Make fitness a pleasurable part of your life

check mark Manage stress in relationships so that your needs are met

check mark Navigate life transitions without feeling overwhelmed

check mark Build supportive relationships with young women who share your struggles


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Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD

If you’re looking for an embodiment of dedication disguised as obsession, look no further. Marsha is a registered dietitian who has spent the last four decades working to help women give up dieting rules and understand how to truly take care of themselves. Her mission in life is to help women learn to enjoy eating and living well, without worries about their weight. She encourages women to embrace their love of food, which you might call being a foodie. If so, it’s appropriate because being a foodie means you pay attention when you eat. That’s a recipe made in heaven for eating well. Marsha is the President and Co-Owner of Green Mountain at Fox Run.

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