You Can Have Your Cake And Algae Too!


Its hump day, so maybe we shouldn’t take anything too seriously today – you with me? Ok! I found this little tidbit on BBC and thought I’d share it because it seemed almost as incredulous as it was humorous…

Newcastle University (UK) researchers have determined that simply adding a tasteless extract called alginate, into everyday common foods could increase their fiber content, making favorites like pies, burgers and cakes – healthier.

Now, if you’ve been around here for a while, you know none of us have anything against cakes, pies and burgers integrated reasonably within a healthy diet, but I don’t think this is what we’re talking about.  What we might be looking at is another ‘substitute phenomenon’ which sadly, may end up having nothing to do with healthy eating, but more to do with commerce.

Could seaweed make your birthday cake part of a healthy diet?  I don’t know…how much birthday cake would you need to eat? How often are you consuming cake, pie and hamburgers that any increased fiber content would matter?

I don’t argue that scientific advancements such as these could possibly add benefit or value to certain groups of people, under certain circumstances, but on the whole, is it really going to help people develop healthy eating habits, or just encourage over indulgence.

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