Wow! You’ve Lost Weight!


“Wow!  You’ve lost weight!”  I was sitting at the Ford agency waiting for a repair on my car.  A salesman walking by recognized one of his customers, stepped into the waiting room and blurted out the observation.

Have You Ever Commented On Someone’s Weight Loss?

Before my stay at Green Mountain, I would have quickly figured out a way to tactfully ask how she did it, how she found the Holy Grail that I’ve been searching for my whole life.

Instead, I marveled at the intimate nature of the question between two acquaintances, shocked that the comment was his “lead’ instead of a more inappropriate greeting.  “Hey, how’ve you been” would have been just fine.

“I’ve been sick” was the reply.  Aha!  Vindicated!

I watched the salesman backpedal, stammer and beat a quick retreat.  Serves him right.  But, let’s face it, just a few short weeks ago I would have made the same observation and pleaded for the miracle diet, the one I haven’t been on yet.  Is that even possible?  I don’t think so, I’ve tried them all.

Weight Loss Industry Makes Billions Off Diet Failures

setbacks are only challenges in disguiseThe annual global revenue of the weight-loss industry, including diet books, diet drugs and weight-loss surgeries, has been estimated to be in the $60 billion range.

Marsha mentioned that figure during a class I recently took at Green Mountain and I got to thinking, gee, how’d it get so big?  I mean, if they worked, the industry wouldn’t have grown so large, right?

If even one of those diets or fads worked, wouldn’t it kind of put the industry out of business?  Makes you think.

How sad that my fellow service customer had experienced a substantial weight loss through sickness. Had she lost it through dieting, though, she would have only gained it back.  I should know, I’ve lost the same 30 pounds no less than three times in my adult life only to regain it.    I’m hoping, however, that the education and understanding I absorbed at Green Mountain will keep me from doing the weight roller coaster and lead me to a life of consistent health and weight stability.

It’s week two of my journey and I’ve hit a few snags.

The weekend was tough. I ate healthily and mindfully all week and felt really good about my efforts.  After several glasses of wine with dinner Saturday night, I went home, waited until my husband went to bed and devoured half a bag of potato chips.

Not the best choice for my new outlook, I know.  I closed the bag, turned it upside down once so the remaining chips would kind of fan out making the bag look fuller, placed it back in the cabinet in the exact place and went to bed.

Learning From My Lapse And Letting It “Be”

When I woke up, there it was, that guilty feeling.  Negative self-talk was close behind. I decided to do something I’ve never done before – I told my husband what I had done.

Thankfully, his response was ”Okay, that’s over.  Today is a new day.  Step right back into the center of your new path and look forward, not back”.

Thank you, John.  Thank you, Green Mountain.  Thank you, Self, for letting the lapse “be” and moving forward, instead of feeling like a failure.

Instead of identifying a failure, I identified a trigger (alcohol) and support (my husband).

Not a bad week, huh?

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