Women in the 2012 Olympic Games


On my drive to work last week, I heard a segment on NPR about the fact that the US sent more women than men to the Olympics this year.  While the difference is not huge, seemingly 8 more woman based on my googling-results, I still think this is pretty cool and empowering.  Considering that the Ancient Olympics were originally limited to men, I’m tickled that we have sent more women than men this year.

This makes me consider some things that we as women might be intimidated to try or pursue since it seems like an unusual choice for women.  It’s possible that a little negative self talk may prevent some women (or men) from trying things they are interested in because of gender stereotypes.  For example, ever since I was a teen, I’ve wanted to learn how to repair cars and recently I’ve toyed with the idea of learning how to do electrical work.  I have yet to do either and I wonder if the thought that I’d be the only woman in the classroom is somewhat intimidating.

I plan to explore this concept a bit further and really reflect on what, if anything, I am nervous about doing because I’m a woman.  If I can identify anything that really calls to me, I hope I can make it a goal to accomplish in the near future.

What have you done in your life that might have been considered an odd choice for a woman?  Is there any male-dominated activity/profession you’ve been interested in that you might pursue?

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