Wine & Weight: A Bit is Good & More is Not


wine and body weight gain‘Tis the season of family gatherings, cocktail parties and festivities galore. We hear from a lot of women that they are worried about holiday weight gain. Not just from the abundance of food at the holidays – but from alcohol.

The truth is, many of us enjoy the merriment so much more with a glass of wine in hand. And the good news is that the relaxing effects can mean good things for healthy weights.

If a person doesn’t have a problem with alcohol, a drink can be a lovely addition to a pleasant and healthy meal. Other weight loss resorts may encourage eliminating wine from your diet completely, but at Green Mountain, we lean toward the old adage “everything in moderation.” And moderation for women is considered 1 drink/day or 12 oz of beer, 1 shot of alcohol, 4 or 5 ounces of wine.

But what about when we pass the moderation mark?

While many of us have experienced at some point in our lives an undesirable hangover when we pass it, overdoing it with alcohol can also spell trouble for your health and weight. And it’s not the calories we’re talking about necessarily — the “side effects” of alcohol can be the real saboteurs.

While the occasional overindulgence probably doesn’t cause too much havoc, you can read more about the effects of consistently drinking beyond moderation in our article 10 reasons why a bit of wine is good, but more is not.

Do you drink more during the holidays?

Do you experience any of the “side effects” of alcohol we discuss?

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2 responses to “Wine & Weight: A Bit is Good & More is Not”

  1. Deborah says:

    Sadly I’m not good at moderation in anything… lately I’ve been binge-reading which is problematic as I borrow books and obsessively read them until they’re finished.

    I’m the same way with SO many things. Including alcohol.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yes, I think we go through stages. Sometimes it’s easier to be more mindful than others – about what we eat, drink, buy, etc. So I guess binge-reading makes sense, too! I find that I will binge eat or binge clean when I’m procrastinating and avoiding something.

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