Winding Down, Without Food


Do you look forward to anything on your to-do list?

Finish all tasks on daily to do list – check.  Wrap up a hectic work day – check.  Pick up around the house – check.  Deal with kids, bills, making dinner, pets, etc….  – check.  Now it’s “me time” and it’s going to be me and food.  How often do we go to food to wind down or relax?

One type of hunger we talk about at Green Mountain at Fox Run is Spiritual Hunger.  In a nutshell eating for spiritual hunger is  using food to fill a void.  That void could be filled by a variety of things: friends, family, pets, sense of community, religion, connecting with the natural world, taking the time to self-nurture through hobbies, activities, or anything fun.  Probably my favorite description of spiritual hunger is John Mayer’s song, Something’s Missing.

If food is the highlight of your day, it might not be a bad idea to assess what else could serve that purpose.  I have so many things to look forward to each day that I’m much less likely to go to food for comfort or nurturing.  The things I’m passionate about are music, stained glass, painting/drawing, animal rescue, continuing education, gardening, dancing, sewing, and being with my family and friends.  I do something related to any of the above each day; they give me more to look forward to than food.

How about you, what are you passionate about?  Do you take the time to get involved in your passions each day?

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  1. Great things to think about! So often we think that food is the most important thing we need to keep living and while yes, we do need it to stay alive, our souls need so much more! I need passion in my life everyday to keep from finding refuge in food. I need to get outside and see life happening, I need hobbies, friends, I need love…so many things…and then yes, tasty meals.

  2. I am becoming passionate about my writing. It helps to keep me busy and not isolated. More than keeping me focused on getting healthy and finding a great community, it has become my down time relaxation.

  3. love2eatinpa says:

    my passion right now is my blog. it is so therapeutic for me to write it and to read other people’s blog who have eating disoders and/or related sites.

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