Will your Future Self worry about her weight and calorie consumption?


I recently came across a website called FutureMe. It’s a place where you can write yourself an email to be delivered in the future, up to 30 years from now!

You can also make your email to your future self available for all to see. I voyeuristically clicked into the public area, afraid that I was going to see a bunch of letters to the future selves about future weights, calories consumed, and pants size. Much to my delight, I was wrong! What people value in the future are family, kids, spouses, and health (never weight). I was relieved to know that although obsessed by weight and food in the present, the average woman does really know what matters.

So, not to put too fine of a point on it, if you would write to your future self that you want to be healthy, why not make that your concern and goal now? Ask yourself what you would change today to be healthy and have good body satisfaction in the future – probably beating yourself up about your diet, your size or shape won’t appear on that list. Take this Diet Mentality Quiz to put a framework around your thought patterns about yourself, and don’t forget to send yourself a message for the future. I’m off to do one now.

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