Who’s Fat?


A friend wrote me an email that I’d like to share with you today…

Okay, so I’m caught watching MTV – but I saw this show called “True Life” subtitled, “I’m Obese” They followed 3 kids struggling with their weight.

I couldn’t get over this 17-year-old kid who kept repeating, “When I lose weight I’ll be a new person” “This will be my rebirth” “This will fix everything” – like that ever happened, right? What a long row to hoe he’s making for himself.

2 out of the 3 never mentioned lifestyle change or body acceptance. They and their families were steeped in the diet mentality of “all or nothing”

But, I was blown away by the young woman who accepted herself. She had every intention of becoming the new “it” girl of plus-sized models. She went to every casting call, whether it called for “plus size” models or not.

She was the only one out of the 3 who really enjoyed her food. She wasn’t eating in front of the TV or the computer or in the car.

She experienced fat prejudice, but came to a place of self- confidence. She did say she had tried every diet at one point – and of course the failure – so she accepted herself!

Her body image and self acceptance was so inspiring, compared to the latest round of who’s too fat and who’s too thin. If we all just started behaving like people, instead of bodies?

I’m getting back at everyone today – I’m just going to love myself!!

Sounds like a plan – how ‘bout you? Thanks for the inspiration Amy!


5 responses to “Who’s Fat?”

  1. A says:

    No problem, Gina. I think we all need to be reminded, in spite of what society tells us, that we are all individuals. With intelligence, humor and beauty. Instead of looking for the “magic pill or book” or whatever – we can take the time to accept ourselves for WHO we are WHERE we are. Thanks, Gina – you rock!

  2. Gina V says:

    Thanks A. Let’s all remember that we’re good looking, and we like our bodies!

  3. Marsha says:

    I was going to quote Billy Crystal, in his famous skits imitating Fernando Lamas, saying, “Remember, it’s not how we feel, it’s how we look!” And leave it at that. But, I have to get serious…it’s how we feel, not how we look! But when we’re feeling great, we’re looking great!

  4. Fred says:

    If the key is to feel great instead of looking great, then why don’t we all feel great? Many of us probably enjoy the better things of life compared to life say 50 years or more. Or compared to the disadvantaged that live today in the United States. Or perhaps compared to many in the third world that we have seen on TV whether it’s the war or the recent sunami. So why don’t I feel great? I have most everything I could want. A cell phone, a laptop, a nice house, a nice car, and money to go out for lunch or dinner, and even nice vacations. We have everything—– but time.

    It’s our fault because we have allowed ourselves to be robbed of time that belongs to us. Everyone else owns our life whether it’s our kids, our jobs, our drive to achieve more than our parents or even our friends and relatives. The drive to perfection. The perfect car, the perfect home, the perfect lawn, our perfect kids that we want and push them to overachieve.

    Where does this madness end? Why does everyone else own “our time”? We have to be at 3 places at one time. We always bring our cell phones so that we won’t waste time while driving, or even grocery shopping. And we are sure to bring our cell phones and laptops while on vacation, and we leave an itinerary so we can be reached at a moment’s notice.

    So how can we possibly feel good? And if we strive for that perfect body like we see on the “bowflex” exercise machine, and we can’t get to that perfect body, we may even feel worse. It’s no wonder some of us would like to be hermits, away from everything.

    Well maybe it’s time to say “my time belongs to me and you can’t have all of it”. It’s time to draw the line. Hey Fred can you do this or that for me……….., or I didn’t get all the flowers planted exactly the way I wanted, or I simply didn’t clean house this week, or last week. So what?

    I’ve drawn the line. In my case, I took back one day out of a work week that now belongs to me, and only me. I grab my morning paper and head out for breakfast at 6:30 AM because I can hardly wait to start the day. Then I rest a bit after breakfast and decide what I want to day that day. I like to do things that might be considered near crimminal, like going shopping at Costco, heaven forbid. But I feel much better about myself mentally and physically. I take time to eat the foods that I enjoy eating, and it’s not sandwiches and cookies on the run.

    I doubt if anyone will get mad if you have taken back some of the time that really belongs to you. Whether it’s a particular evening, or a morning, or whatever. Now it belongs to you. You may even get encouragement for doing the right thing, because it is the right thing.

    Fortunately, not everyone is in this same category as me and that’s good for you. But for the others, the time is now. Just do it!

    Have fun,


  5. Cebe says:

    Just like our parents use to tell us…’just use your common sense. Even though its rough sometimes, it is true. Listening to yourself and respecting what you want and need is big! Thanks for your post, Fred.

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