Who Rules the Kitchen?


dishwasherIn my home, I find that anything food-related is my responsibility.  Grocery shopping, cooking, washing dishes, ordering from our local co-op, & cleaning the kitchen all seem to be part of my “job description.”  Although I may complain about the dishes, secretly I love that I’m in charge of the kitchen.   And yes, I will re-load the dishwasher if my husband sticks something in there all haphazardly.   I’m a bit of a control freak.

I do like being the gatekeeper for the majority of the food that comes into our home.  I prefer to shop by myself since I like to take my time at the store and not be rushed.  My husband wants to get in and get out of the store as quick as possible.   He puts odd things in the cart.  We may debate natural versus artificial sweeteners in the grocery store aisles.  This usually doesn’t make the process easier.  It’s not quite as challenging as shopping with a 7 year old, but close.  I leave him home.

As overbearing as I may seem, my husband appreciates that I handle the food in our home.  As often as he may complain “there’s nothing to eat,” I still believe he’s grateful that he doesn’t have to do much in the kitchen.  Plus, “there’s nothing to eat” is just his way of saying, “please come in the kitchen and find me some food since it’s too hard to open the fridge and look myself.”  I fall for it every time.

Although this is the way food is handled in our home, I’m always intrigued by how other couples/families divvy up these jobs.

How are  food-related tasks in your home delegated?  Who shops?  Cooks?  Plans meals?  Does the dreaded dishes?

2 responses to “Who Rules the Kitchen?”

  1. Shannon says:

    I’m in charge of babies & food. (and all the varients of- shopping, cooking, budget, diapers, vomit, dishes etc)

    I like the control of what comes in the house. My husband will make quick runs to the store and buys all the junkfood I don’t. He has a few bites of it and I polish it off. When I got back from GM we made a deal that he could keep his junkfood at work. It lasts longer and so has my success.

  2. Laura says:

    My kitchen is like yours Robyn. It’s all up to me. Since my return from GM, my teens’ favorite line is “there’s nothing to eat.” It means, there’s nothing that I want to eat!

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