Who Ate My Lunch???


mindless eating out of a bagNo I’m not talking about someone stealing your lunch out of the break-room fridge, I’m talking about eating amnesia, which can certainly thwart our weight loss goals.  While they do make plastic bags that give the appearance of moldy food to deter someone from snagging your sandwich, I’m unaware of a product that will help us avoid forgetting that we ate something.  I should invent it.

In the meantime, if you are constantly asking yourself, “Did I eat lunch yet today?” or “Who ate the other 1/2 of my sandwich?” and so on, then you may suffer from eating amnesia.  It may be worth your while to assess whether multi-tasking while eating is distracting you from paying attention to what ,or how much, you are eating.

Some of the most common distractions from paying attention to food are: watching TV, reading, working through a lunch break (especially eating during meetings), driving, feeding kids, cleaning the house, and even talking on the phone.

I know I can’t eat while driving; I pay no attention to the food. Are there any distractions that get in the way of you practicing mindful eating?

2 responses to “Who Ate My Lunch???”

  1. Cindy says:

    Great post, Rob. It’s funny, sometimes I ask myself that question and then satisfy myself that I’ve run an accurate inventory in my brain. Then, suddenly, I remember….oh yeah, I ate ‘that’.

    I typically pass this off as a symptom of menopause. My friend refers to this as selective amenesia. Your point is well taken.

  2. Lisa in Jersey says:

    Distractions that get in the way of paying attention to what I’m eating? His name is James and he’ll be two in May. 😉 There are few things less relaxing than trying to enjoy a meal in the presence of a toddler. And worse yet, sometimes I tell myself I’ll just put lunch off until he’s down for a nap and then I end up being famished and make bad choices. I’m not sure which will happen first – I’ll figure it all out, or he will grow up and be lower maintenance!

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