Which Exercise is Best for Healthy Weight Loss?


The question of which exercise is best for healthy weight loss is answered in our latest Fitbriefing.

In short, there’s no one exercise that does it all.  We need both aerobic and strength training activities to give us the fastest, best and most lasting results.  Probably not news to most readers, but worthwhile repeating to ward off any attempts at shortcuts.

Also worth repeating because it is such a temptation is the focus on weight loss for the sake of appearance alone.  Those of us who have done the dieting game and lost weight many times before hopefully realize by now that weight loss at any cost is not worth the effort.  Because we likely just gain it back.  What we need is permanent change…and that’s only achieved by adopting healthy lifestyle changes that produce healthy weight loss.

That is, if we even need to lose weight in the first place.  Too often, our weight loss efforts are based on distorted body images, or unrealistic ideals.  And trying to achieve something that’s not in our genes (e.g., be thinner than a healthy weight for our individual bodies) often backfires and ends up truly making us fat.  A true healthy weight loss program helps us understand what’s right for our bodies in terms of weight, and what’s right for our lives in terms of living fully.

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  1. Sara Lynn says:

    Hi there and thank you for a site and a retreat that offer women healthy alternatives to “dieting.” (A word I am truly not fond of). I am a weightloss and fitness coach and had never heard of your spa and retreat facility in Vermont. I cannot believe you have been right in my backyard for years! I am thankful I found your site. I plan to suggest your services and write about your retreat in my blog..Weightloss Worriers.
    Always, Sara Lynn

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