Famous Women And Not Knowing Asking What Do You Weigh?


Joan of Arc patron saint of France, national heroine

Dr. Marie Curie known to the world as the scientist who discovered radioactive metals i.e. Radium & Polonium.

Susan B Anthony Abolitionist, Educational Reformer, Labor Activist, Temperance Worker, Suffragist, Woman’s Rights Campaigner

Anna Jarvis, Founder of Mother’s Day

Clara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross

Frances Gabe invented the self-cleaning house

Ada Lovelace wrote a scientific paper in 1843 that anticipated the development of computer software, artificial intelligence and computer music.

Ruth Handler creator of the Barbie doll, also holds a patent for “Nearly Me,” a prosthesis made of material close in weight and density to natural breasts she designed after her own mastectomy.

Mary Anderson patented the windshield wiper in 1905.

Gertrude Elion invented the leukemia-fighting drug 6-mercaptopurine and drugs that facilitated kidney transplants.

Virginia Apgar invented the Newborn Scoring System, also called the Apgar Score, in 1949 that assessed the health of newborns. In 1959, Apgar was appointed the Director of the March of Dimes.


We don’t have a clue what any of these women weighed, what size they wore, or what their workout routine was. <

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