What Food Is In Season?


lettuce growing in vegetable gardenMany people have a goal (or at least like the idea) of eating based on what food is in season.  The benefits of selecting produce that is in season are:

  1. higher vitamin content of foods
  2. fresher foods
  3. more flavorful foods
  4. forced variety (over the long term) in the produce you eat
  5. finding multiple ways to prepare the same food
  6. price is often better when in season

Because of our large backyard garden, I buy very little produce in the summer since we grow so much ourselves.  This has forced us to eat based on season and get creative with working the same ingredient into a variety of recipes.  Right now lettuce, blueberries, raspberries, zucchini, stringbeans, purslane, and three types of kale are all being harvested at my house.

Since kale is what I have the most of (and you may too) here are a few ways we use our kale:

What’s in season where you live?  What creative ways have you found to prepare these foods?

2 responses to “What Food Is In Season?”

  1. I love GMFR’s Kale chips! Amazing!! I live in the burbs, and don’t have much of a green thumb. However, my dad has been gardening organically since the 70s, so I consider his crop my own personal CSA. They will sometimes even deliver to my doorstep! My favorites are rhubarb, green beans, and orange tomatoes!

  2. Robyn says:

    Oh yes, rhubarb! I just invented rhubarb banana “ice cream” this summer with all our rhubarb. I’ve even put it in my smoothies a couple of times…wasn’t bad. How nice that your dad shares and that you live close to one another. I’m jealous 🙂

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