What Does "Healthy Weight" Mean to You?


As you read yesterday, it’s Healthy Weight Week, a breathe of fresh air amidst all the weight loss chicanery of the month – well, the year. It’s an outgrowth of the Health at Every Size (HAES) philosophy, which I understand and believe in.

However, I can still remember and sympathize with the reactions of my pre-HAES self, when reading about Healthy Weight Week or HAES….something along the lines of, “what ARE you people talking about!!  I am FAT, I’ve always been fat, how the hell could I possibly be healthy or fit AND fat??!!”

And I do wonder if the principles of HAES, while appealing to the logical side of us (it’s got to be about lifestyle, ‘cause dieting sure hasn’t worked), can offer comfort during the immediacy of standing in your kitchen, vowing to “be normal” and then realizing that you really don’t know what normal is. Well, that’s what I used to do, and I certainly didn’t know what normal was, nor could I have internalized and understood the concept of “health at every size” at the time.

I had the idea that healthy lifestyle meant eating raw foods only, lot’s of seaweed and supplements, while spending several hours in the gym every day. This would last a day or a week or let’s stretch it and say a month, then it was a much longer period of worse health habits (not to mention weight gain), because the only thing

I had learned from my foray into “getting healthy” (read “thin”) was that it obviously was not possible. Some people were born one way (thin and healthy), and other people are born another way (fat and unhealthy), and neither the twain shall meet, or so my thinking went.

It is my sincere hope that the posts on this blog, as well as the Fitbriefings and Updates on the Green Mountain at Fox Run website will help you in those moments. For me, I really did need to make a break from everyday life to not only learn and experience what a healthy lifestyle was, but to gain some perspective – about myself, what weight really means, and what was really out of balance in my life.

Whatever the path you choose to become healthier, it will be the one that is right for you, you’ll learn and grow whether you are “successful” or not; if it’s “not” you’ll still have learned something that will make you ready for the next step. While I wish I would have grown up with these principles, or learned about them in my 20’s, I do believe that I had to do all the other pointless diets, weird opinions about health and abuse myself with these notions to be in the stage of readiness to make the changes that I really needed to. “Better late than never” is an expression that we’ve all heard, but I always like to think, “Better today than tomorrow.”

I hope today is thee day – in terms of readiness and understanding – for someone. Peaceful eating to all.

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