What Do Women (Spa-goers) Want?


Recently a magazine contacted several “spas” for feedback on what they thought guests were “looking for” in regard to their health and well being (again, what the “experts” thought – ha ha, see “Expert Answers” if you don’t know why I’m laughing).

Here is my answer that will never be printed anywhere – only between us girls, so to speak.

What Do Women Want (by me and my not-so-humble opinion)

  • The end of false hopes pinned to the “newest, latest, greatest” answer to nutrition, diet, exercise, weight loss, restless leg syndrome, gas – oh I mean acid reflux, etc. Just show me how to be normal!
  • To regain the confidence to be able to look forward to her life, instead of the next “should” or perhaps the next disease that she’ll be shamed over if she’s not exhibiting sufficient remorse over having it.
  • True belief that she is entitled to the full force and effect of human dignity based on her very existence. Never apologizing for taking up too much room, breathing too much air, exploiting the earth’s precious natural resources because she eats three meals a day, oh and how about causing all that global warming, uh?
  • To eat peacefully.
  • An honest approach to weight loss for women that embraces the myriad of issues that women confront with their eating, weight and body image.
  • To experience joy in moving her body – and confidence in doing so – knowing that her aspirations and dreams are fulfilled in her future not on the scale’s dial.
  • Ability to find and trust a true expert – herself!

Please share what you want in your life – your comments are not only welcome and useful to others – but they help all the authors (okay, me!) believe that I’m not sitting behind a computer screen and there’s no one else out there!

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