What Are You ‘Weighting’ For?


what are you weight forIs Your Life Is On Pause Until You Lose Weight?

Do you find yourself stuck in idle – waiting to fully engage in life until you reach a certain weight?

“I’ll start dating when I lose 20 pounds.”

“I’ll book that beach trip when I feel ready to wear a swimsuit in public.”

“I’ll start looking for another job when I can fit into my ‘interview clothes.”

If these types of thoughts resonate with you – ask yourself these questions:

3 Questions You Might Want To Ask Yourself

[step]1[/step]Exactly what aspects in your life are you postponing?

[step]2[/step]How long is the list?

[step]3[/step]How long have you been ‘weighting’ for each item on your list?

I find those who put life on pause until they reach a certain weight feel that weight loss will bring forth those elusive feelings of courage, happiness, and confidence.

However, nothing adds pressure to a weight goal like feeling what we value most in life is being prevented by our weight. It adds to the sense of urgency to be in a different body yesterday – it adds fuel to the fire around self-loathing and feeling ‘not good enough’.

I teach a weekly body image class and every week I ask the following question:

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How much of your day is spent thinking about your weight?[/quote]

90% of women say that they think about their weight 75% or more every day. And this confession comes from women of ALL sizes.


what are you weighting for infographic

Focusing On Weight Loss Can Keep Us Stuck

Unfortunately, many women feel that focusing on their weight will motivate them to do the things that will enable weight loss sooner.

But it’s this tunnel vision with weight loss that keeps us stuck not motivated to take care of ourselves, or worse, engaged in weight loss food diets and exercise fads that end up damaging our bodies and psyche.

So – if you find yourself using your weight as an excuse to put your life on hold, then it’s time to honestly evaluate: how is that strategy working for you?

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Then, to gently explore how you can start ‘dipping your toe in the pool’ around re-engaging in those aspects of life you’ve been ‘weighting’ for. How can you begin to re-engage in life instead of putting off until ‘someday’?

To quote a famous line from the movie Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy living – or get busy dying.”

Which do you choose?

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