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healthy-weight-logo-taglineToday marks the beginning of Healthy Weight Week 2014. In Green Mountain’s first year of sponsoring the event, we are thrilled to have you join us and take part in any or all activities that will help spread the word that dieting doesn’t work and only promotes weight gain and poorer health over time.

Founded by Francie M. Berg 25 years ago, Healthy Weight Week has helped change the conversation about weight and health. Green Mountain’s goal in 2014 is to sustain that change and help educate women that in finding their healthy weights, the best thing they can do is stop obsessing about their weights and pursuing quick weight loss diets. Instead, we want to help them find and accept their healthy weights through leading happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Please see our day-by-day schedule for this week. A downloadable version can be found here.

Monday, January 20: Let Go of Dieting Day

Tuesday, January 21: Rid the World of Fad Diets & Gimmicks Day

Wednesday, January 22: Change the Conversation Day

  • Check out our blog and share our list of the Top 35 Healthy Weight blogs
  • Watch the “Why Dieting Usually Doesn’t Work” TED talk video on our Healthy Weight Week page and download the accompanying discussion guide
  • Start a discussion on your blog, Facebook, or in your workplace or even at the dinner table

Thursday, January 23: Do Away with the Weigh Day

  • Send a selfie to info@fitwoman.com holding a sign that tells us why you want to “ditch the scale,” or “do away with the weigh.” Check our Facebook page for the selfies – we’ll post them as we get them!

Friday, January 24: Embrace Your Healthy Weight Day

  • Celebrate the 21st Annual Women’s Healthy Weight Day with the following ideas
    • Watch for and get inspiration from the winner of “That Moment When… I Knew I Needed to Stop Dieting” contest on our Healthy Weight Week page
    • Read our article “5 Ways to Find Your Healthy Weight”
    • Come up with a list of healthy weight affirmations you can use all year. Check our blog for ideas.

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