Weird but True


Two summers ago, I went horseback riding with some friends, then climbed part of the Appalachian trail the next day, then walked into town the day after that. I found that I could not possibly get myself back from town. I called a friend that gave me a ride back.

Because of all this activity, the next week I suffered with very sore muscles in the groin area, which made walking, sitting, standing, lying, or even thinking clearly nearly impossible. The pain was a combination of sharp, dull, nagging, relentless with sudden attacks provoked by movement but always there without cessation. Since any kind of movement (or non-movement) created pain, it had become a part of me.

Now here comes the weird part…as I was about to step up onto a curb, I stopped short, afraid of awaking the pain “monster”(which I had named by now since it was such a part of me), in a flash of clarity, I realized that this was very much the relationship I had had with my “fat body.”

The way I thought of and reacted to my body was similar – it was always with me, caused pain, ruled every thought and decision (or more simply, my life) and I avoided things that would make the “fat body pain monster” awaken.

It takes a lot of practice, but accepting your body and where you’re “at” is the only way to begin the process of being ready for change. Here’s more on body acceptance and change.

I hope you don’t have a “fat body pain monster” but if you do, start thinking differently to tame it!

Best – g.

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