Weight Stigma Awareness Week: Expression and Healing


expressions of healing and supportJoin Green Mountain at Fox Run as we blog about Weight Stigma Awareness Week, sponsored by the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA). Today, we encourage you to get creative and express yourself. How can you use art to heal and build self-acceptance?

Today’s theme in this Weight Stigma Awareness Week is Expression. Weight stigma can harm in so many ways that we may need to heal from the hurt and pain it creates.  Today we explore the idea of expression to foster healing from the negative consequences of weight stigma, whether that pain is self-generated or inflicted by others.

One step I believe is important in the healing process is to stop immersing yourself in artificial beauty. Constant exposure to magazines, celebrity photos, photo-shopped advertisements, and the like can hurt. Despite being at my own healthy weight, being surrounded with images of cookie-cutter bodies has historically made me judge myself for not being able to achieve that  “gold standard.”  This judgement would trigger self-labeling as lazy, lacking willpower, undesirable, etc…

Healing from this judgement can happen when we remove these artificial images from our lives and attempt to surround ourselves with  TRULY beautiful things.  Creating something beautiful yourself can be extremely healing.  The meditative process of creation, the ability to express yourself, and the tangible result as a reminder of that process are what make art so rewarding to me.

affirmations of supportAn example of using art to heal is the affirmations bowl I created (shown in the photos).  Many Green Mountain at Fox Run participants find affirmations to be incredibly helpful.  The process of making this bowl and picking my affirmations was therapeutic.  Using this bowl as a reminder to speak kindly to myself is healing as well.

Have you found expression to be healing?  In what way do you choose to express yourself?

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  1. Today I posted about an amazing creative expression workshop I took part in during my time at GMFR. SOUL COLLAGE! I highly recommend it!

  2. Robyn says:

    Nice! Great minds…. This was my first stab at collage and I really enjoyed it. The next time we have soul collage on the schedule I’ll try to make it based on your recommendation.

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