“A Week in the Life” of a Green Mountain Participant


Fear is a funny thing. It always seems to be lurking and, when it wants to, can paralyze a person. It’s this invisible feeling that holds so much power.

I think my biggest fear in life is failure, which had me feeling all kinds of anxiety as I rolled up to Green Mountain at Fox Run on Day One of my weeklong stay…and Week Two of my employment as Green Mountain’s new digital marketing manager.

Full disclosure, I just joined the Green Mountain team and this was my second week of work, and my objective was to fully immerse myself in the program.

A New Adventure but the Same Old Fears

I was fearful of three particular things:

  1. Being good enough at my job
  2. My co-workers getting to know me a little too well while participating in the program
  3. Being accepted

Like I said, I was anxiety-filled. Alongside fear and anxiety stood negative self-talk and doubt. Acting as my entourage, they walked into Green Mountain heads held high, grinning ear to ear. I walked in feeling small.

Here’s What I Gained…

Fast forward to my last day. I walked out feeling big, accompanied by hope and love.

I bet you’re wondering what happened in one week to allow such a drastic change in attitude. The short story: Green Mountain at Fox Run happened.

The long story:  

Right off the bat, I felt as though I was in good company. After meeting the other women in the program, it was clear that I wasn’t the only one struggling to accept myself. Everyone here had a story, including the staff, as to why they found themselves at Green Mountain and that was truly comforting.

The next thing I learned was that there’s science behind why diets don’t work. That was shocking, honestly…and it was also a huge relief. In a class called Measuring Success Beyond the Scale with Dana Notte, Green Mountain’s Nutrition Lead, a whole new concept was brought to light for me.

“When we can shift our focus from weight loss to well-being, we are better able to focus on meeting all of our needs – eating in a way that is satisfying and nourishing, moving our bodies in a way that feels good, and allowing ourselves to live our lives fully.”

– Dana Notte, MS, RD, CD

It’s not about what I’m eating. It’s not about labeling food as good and bad. It’s about how I feel.

And Here’s What I Lost…

I could go on for days about all the knowledge I gained from my week at Green Mountain, but you’ll have to experience Green Mountain on your own to get the whole story.

But here’s a final thought. As I sit here writing and reflecting, I’m realizing that a part of me expected to lose a little something something (particularly around the waist line). And while I did lose, it’s not in the way you think.

  • For starters, I lost the chip from my shoulder weighing more than any scale can count.
  • I lost the desire to keep making excuses for myself and instead start taking action.
  • But more importantly, I lost the constant self-judgement and gained valuable knowledge about my mind and body.

I went into this experience expecting a momentous, vital, life-changing moment. A turning point in this anecdote that would emphasize this week as symbolic, powerful….significant.

I left Green Mountain realizing that I had already changed on Day One just by making the choice to walk in. At that moment – and even at the moment weeks earlier when I enrolled –  I moved a little farther beyond my fear and began to overpower the inner negative voice crowding my thoughts.

We’re all stronger than we think, and if we let ourselves, we can move toward fear. We can stare it in the face and say, “no, I won’t let you hold me back from the life I deserve and want.”

Green Mountain at Fox Fun helped me do that and much more in just one week.

What could Green Mountain at Fox Run do for you?

7 responses to ““A Week in the Life” of a Green Mountain Participant”

  1. Lisah says:

    Courtney, congratulations on the new job/life! Sorry I just missed you. Still processing my week at GMFR 2 weeks ago. Delighted by the insights piling up. I broke Anne’s “rule” and stepped on the scale this morning feeling good about the past two weeks. Nope, not the number I wanted. I paused; dumped the scale!! Look forward to meeting you at an alumni weekend, hopefully this Fall. In mindfulness, Lisah

    • Hi Lisah,
      Thank you for the kind words! I love my time at Green Mountain, it’s such a positive work environment. I’m excited to hear you’ll be back, giving me the chance to meet you. Until then, keep up the positive vibes.

  2. Allie Hanley says:

    <3 proud of you. Happy for you. Miss you. You are my sunshine <3

  3. Anne Poirier, BS, CSCS, CIEC says:

    Yeay Lisah for trashing your scale. Your are more than a number…keep on pausing, listening and trusting your body. You are an inspiration to us all.

  4. Nancy McCullough says:

    I was there a few years ago. What I left with was a realization
    Of how little I knew about nutrition. Additionally
    When I got back home I discovered how better
    I felt limiting my sugar. I would love to come
    back one day!

    • Dana Notte, MS, RD, CD says:

      Hi Nancy. Thanks for your comment – we love hearing from our past participants!

      While we don’t encourage anyone to eliminate foods they love, when we can make all foods truly okay and make decisions about food based on how they make our bodies feel rather than strict “should” and “should not” rules, we often recognize that we can feel more satisfied with less of certain foods or ingredients, without feeling deprived.

      I hope we get to see you back at Green Mountain some day!

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